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PC Game SpacePac Duo February 16, 2009

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PacMan met mazes Space control only one ship and must avoid the Alien Jet UFO survive 50 fun filled, action packed levels. Flying across the dark sky with this amazing play space. Capture all the stars and suns to complete each level and move forward without destroying the UFO you. Also included is a background galaxy and moving several premiums as Warp, UFO Freeze Jet Shield and many planets of the Solar System for extra points. SpacePac Duo can be played with a joystick, keyboard or games. Play a game of one player or team with a friend in a marathon of 2 exciting players working in tandem to restore the airspace.


– Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

– 256 MB RAM

– 8 MB Hard Drive Space

– DirectX 8.1 Or Higher

– Keyboard, Mouse



1. Mr JACK - February 16, 2009

great layout great website, I like reading about pc games, thank you for the latest news about 2010 pc games:)

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