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Top 3 Gaming Websites of 2009 October 28, 2009

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1) IGN.com :

Great place to get up to date gaming news. All news is quickly posted and the majority of the time true. The boards can be overwhelming at first, especially the vestibule but you soon get used to it and it becomes normal. Sub-scriptions on the site are worth the money and the workers at IGN seem like great people. Other than the odd jerk you find on the website, this is generally a great website and moer than deserving of the 5 stars.

Between the IGN and VN message boards, the game reviews, file downloads, and the one-login multiple-site access IGN covers almost everything for me. IGN, VN, FilePlanet, and GameSpy are all part of the same company, so whether I’m looking up console stuff with my little borther, reading about MMOs for myself, or tracking down a new mod, I can do it all under one roof. I’m creating logins at 20 different places just to view or download the stuff that I want.

2) GamerDNA

Emerging out of what was formerly GuildCafe, gamerDNA (gamerDNA) is both a gamer and a data lover’s paradise, offering all manner of personal gameplay tracking and associated recommendations along with statistics to surface the most popular games and even what type of personalities tend to play them. Xbox 360 players can link their accounts up to have their game libraries and gameplay sessions tracked automatically, with the ability to add titles manually for the PS3, Wii and the PC.

On top of all that, gamerDNA features a sort of metagame wherein you earn points and achieve rankings based on how much you interact with the site over time. If you’re looking for a social interface to help catalogue your gaming experiences, an easy way to broadcast your gameplay out to your other social services, or simply a good game recommender engine, we recommend giving gamerDNA a try.

3) PCGameTrek :

PC Game Trek is in a blog format where you can learn many things about popular classic PC games and also the latest video games; Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, First Person Shooter…It has also All Kind of games that All People from All Ages can play.

I am a pro gamer and PC Game Trek  always has what i want. They have detailed reviews, news, game trailers,  free demos cheats, faqs, guides, interviews, movies, scrrenshots, everything! they always have the most information about all the games i want to know about. I see a bunch of people here complaning about the adds on the site. PCGametrek.com has adds just like radio, tv, and magazines. every website has adds now, so i don’t know what the big deal is. i’m not an insider, but what you get so much for free it deosn’t even matter.

There are many more websites/blogs specifically for pc game players out there as well as new ones cropping up all the time; if I have omitted your favorite gaming website, or you know of another blog/website we should check out, let us know in the comments.



1. gaming pc - December 28, 2009

Well this is great:)
I will follow you on twitter and just stumbled this post on stubleupon, keep writing my friend you are doing well:)

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