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Grand Theft Auto 2 PC Game Review December 29, 2009

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Grand Theft Auto 2 (also known as GTA2) is a game that is part of the Grand Theft Auto series. It was released worldwide on 22 October 1999 by the developer DMA Designs and published by Rockstar.

In the game embody Claude Speed, a middling bully. We’re near the future (as the storyline of Grand Theft Auto, the game is set in 2013) in a town called Anywhere City with 3 areas. The goal in each of the three areas to get enough money to escape and move to the next. The freedom of action of the patent saga continues in this game, because to achieve the target, we can perform any task that gives money to steal cars, exploit, bumping, arm them, run over people, murdering, burning, etc.. However normal to earn lots of money is to perform missions for the bands. Each time you complete a mission for a given band, the money multiplier goes up one unit, and this switch affects all the money we receive for any action. Each band represents a faction, with some interest and a certain respect for us which varies depending on our actions. Respect influences both the way they treat us the band (if we have our respect in tatters in the band, we will attack with every weapon they have available) as well as in missions giving us (to more respect, more choice of missions, more difficult but more rewarding). Do missions for a band negatively affects one or more: each band has a rival gang, so if we kill the rival gang members, will raise our respect to the first. In Grand Theft Auto 2 also must be held accountable for illegal actions committed. That’s why the law will be there to hold us back (or at least try). Not only in the form of local police as the first GTA, as we commit crimes, more police and more will join our hunt. Thus, in the early stages of search, local police will be responsible for arresting and later the SWAT, FBI and even, if necessary, the Army, with tanks and infantry will be on the lookout. We save the game in a church with a sign that indicates Jesus Saves if we have a certain amount of money (the method of the items is kept completely consolero), point from which we can continue if they so desire.



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