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PC Games: A look at the industry December 29, 2009

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Fortune Small Business had a very interesting note about id Software and the industry’s current state of PC gaming.
So far, id have a perfect record: every game released, including Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake, became hits
id, for those who do not know, were born the famous Wolfenstein3D (I feel old to remember), were among the first to distribute shareware games (where one is low x levels of the game to recognize it and if you want to play it completely, purchase ) and were also the first to license the graphics engine of the current games.

Of the 50 best-selling console games of 2003, only SOCOM
Socom 2 and
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic were created by independent developers.
A game of “heavier” now can have a development that reaches the $ 30 million and id s (being a large independent developer) s bill about $ 20 million a year.
And indeed, XNA is Microsoft’s attempt to build a single development platform (such as. NET applications) to lower these costs, which at the same time be the “owners” of the tools to develop and patent to be paid for the use of technology is another issue;)
One problem is that while these companies (Microsoft Games and Vivendi Games titles can throw right and left id and developers need to ensure success for survival yes or yes.
Many of the problems would be solved instantly if id’s decision to rivals and sell the company. I received many offers of acquisition in the past decade (according to a UBS analyst) “anyone would love to own id and anyone” s could pay $ 500 million by the company ”
Frankly would be a pity to lose its independence this company, but lately the “console war and the consolidation of the market makes the power of the distributors is stronger than we think. And if we add the fact that some (vivendi for example) are also owners of record pressure on p2p networks and their bargaining power in the laws will become more and more exaggerated.



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