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Metal Gear Soldier PC Game Review January 2, 2010

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It is a series of video games created by Hideo Kojima, developed and published by Konami company, we handle the mighty warrior Snake, an expert on combat tactics, survivability and stealth.

The player takes control of an elite soldier, whichever MGS concerned, you can control Solid Snake (the protagonist of Metal Gear, MG2: Solid Snake, MGS1 and MGS4; to Raiden in MGS2 and Naked Snake (later known as Big Boss ) MGS3.

The Metal Gear is a bipedal tanks with the capability to launch nuclear weapons from all types of terrain. It also has less powerful weapons but more useful in battle as guns, lasers, bombs and rockets. This series is characterized by its long cut scenes, intricate plots and the countless details throughout the game interact with the player. Delves into the exploration of natural politics, war, censorship, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, loyalty …

The original Metal Gear on MSX2 debuted in 1987 in Japan and Europe. This was one of the first games that infiltration and were emphasized stealth over direct confrontation with the enemy. Many aspects of the saga, as wireless communication, were already present in other games. The game was later released in North America, Europe and Japan, this time for the NES / Famicom, selling more than the million units.



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