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DOOM PC Game Review January 6, 2010

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Today I would like to introduce two popular games The House Of The Dead by saga and the greatest FPS of all time : DOOM PC Game.

Doom is a game of first-person shooter created by id Software in 1993 by a group led by John Carmack. This game worked under the DOS operating system, use 4 MB of RAM and requires at least a 386 processor at 33 MHz or 486 to 25 MHz

The game consists of a Marine command, which is routine at a station on Phobos, a moon of Mars. In a second, the gates of Hell are open, freeing a host of demons, evil spirits, zombies, that infest the base within hours. As the protagonist, you’re the only human survivor in the station and achieving your mission is to go out alive from level to level, very much like Wolfenstein 3D, which was the first FPS from id Software, but the challenge here is even greater .

The House Of The Dead:
The House of the Dead (THotD commonly abbreviated) is a series of video games produced by Sega.

As of 2008, a total of four issues, all based on the concept of a shooter on rails. All deliveries share the concept of two actors teamed up to defeat a horde of undead GM. The games are divided into chapters, each ending with a boss, being a creature generally larger and more frightening aspect. Their names come from the Major Arcana cards of the tarot. All deliveries are handled with a gun in arcades, and can play with them, control, mouse or Wiimote as domestic delivery.

The gameplay varies slightly between deliveries, have different characters, weapons, enemies, etc.. In several of them, there are several routes which may decide the player, either through a menu or through their actions. They are also often include several unlockable, and all have multiple endings depending on player skill.



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