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BEST 2 PC Games of 2009 January 7, 2010

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Here are the reviews of the BEST 2 PC Games of 2009:

Pro Evolution Soccer:
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) (known in Japan and other countries as Winning Eleven) is a football videogame series, produced by Japanese company Konami, and there are versions for different systems: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Gamecube ( Japan only), PSP, Game Boy Advance, Wii, Nintendo DS, cell phones, Xbox 360 and PC.

Konami also produced another series of football earlier and contemporary time Pro Evolution Soccer, called International Superstar Soccer (coded by another developer named Major A team), and with a tinge of different game away from the simulation that characterizes the Series PES / Winning Eleven also had other game modes, including how “Scenario”, where you can relive highest moments in soccer history, giving the player the ability to reverse the event. It also had the ability to paralyze the defender to make a wall and always wore head the ball attacking players on the right.

The Sims:
The Sims (in English The Sims) is a strategy game and social simulation, created by developer Maxis, a company led by game designer Will Wright, and distributed by Electronic Arts.

The first version was released in January 2000 and since then with The Sims 2 and all expansions over 100 million legal copies have been distributed worldwide, remains the biggest seller in the history of PC games. [ citation needed] Years ago, Will Wright had already achieved a result similar to SimCity. The success of its games based on his creative philosophy to apply scientific theories to the design of simulators of life, whether of a city, a planet, an ant hill or, as in The Sims, a neighborhood.



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