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Console Games VS PC Games January 9, 2010

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Games consoles vs PC gaming
The consoles have always been part of the home, as inherent to the fun time at home. With the passage of time and the evolution of them, have come to using up the entertainment anywhere, anytime, either alone or through wi-fi, thus increasing its popularity and growth. This has led, in a matter of games, consoles are the most abundant and of course, profitable.
PC games seem to have gone into the background, almost covered by a veil that separates the mobility of the first pages of ads … In short, PC games are no longer fashionable.
The players have always been divided by these two titans is a player or console or PC (although there is much free time). One way to distinguish a priori to both players, is that the former will have to spend a certain amount to purchase a console, to be able to move any game, and the PC gamer must pay a higher amount to be gathering a machine that allows you to play anything you want. That will entail hardware upgrades from time to time, which may significantly increase the budget required to play computer games. If you’re going to play old games will not be necessary, of course, but we are talking to keep up, to play the latest releases of the market, and that carries a machine / computer more powerful. Maybe better graphics, better processor, more memory … or a little of everything.
If we enter the world of “hardcore gamers”, also known as “pro-gamers will see its budget increased with the introduction of more specialized machines, overclocking, playing multiple monitors, special keyboards for computer games, etc. . In addition, some would put his hands on his head what can you invest in playing with a computer elite.
In this situation, the reality is that the market for console game is packed with news and the market for PC games worships with just a few prominent titles.
Seeing the huge difference between the two categories of players and throwing an eye on the market as just checking, whose developers seem far more concerned about throwing games for consoles that PC, does this mean that computer games are in decline?
The market for PC gaming seems to have stagnated and many industry analysts say that one problem seems to be apart from the economic crisis, some companies like EA or Activision Blizzard, they struggle to “make safe” games World of Warcraft, with infinite expansions do not bring anything new, instead of worrying about knowing what the player wants and offer it. They have forgotten the reason why people play in favor of easy money and cents, thanks to MMOs or MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, like most striking example (World of Wacraft has about 13 million players across the world and gets 13 euros per month share of each). Remove vestiges of games is as easy and fruitful as making games based on movies, which often have bad reviews and are made to “comply” with that need, as if marketing choice is involved. Somehow “hooked” to the consumer, and leave it wrapped in a vicious cycle of routines that keep you entertained.
But that’s not what the industry needs to grow video games. PC gaming will probably need more authenticity, unique titles launched only find on that platform, and not with the current trend that games come out for all consoles and ah … also for the PC, removing the inherent appeal they have always had PC games.
Momentum in the sector that makes me think the developers will continue to invest in it with sequels and new titles online as they are profitable. But … What if no longer be? “They will leave aside gradually PC games to completely overturn the consoles? Are PC games doomed to future failure?



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