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Save PC Gaming January 10, 2010

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New alliance tries to save PC gaming
Several large technology companies, including Intel, AMD, nVidia and Dell, have joined forces to form a new alliance called the PC Gaming Alliance (Alliance for PC games) and that the mission will promote the PC as an gaming platform. The joke of this alliance will bring together all the hardware manufacturers and software developers and games under one roof so as to accelerate innovation, improve the gaming experience for consumers and serve as a collective source of information and experience in computer games. Something similar to what Microsoft wanted to do with Games for Windows, which of course failed miserably.
This alliance will try to combat piracy that plagues the gaming market, and also provide hardware requirements for PC games in my opinion, if they could homogenize the requirements for the games would be fantastic, as well as regulate the disposal new technologies in graphics cards, for example. This alliance makes its appearance just at the time it takes, it is now when game sales have collapsed. Would that not be all good intentions and actually do something for the gaming industry, which is truly in need of help.
As soon as we started badly with a site that seems made by an amateur, and that really leaves much to be desired. One would expect something more professional … let’s say, coming from part of the “greats” of technology, but apparently everyone got their twenty cents, and with that set up their site.



1. GMZ2 - January 11, 2010

Thank you for this beautiful Topic

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