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Sales Drop: PC Games January 11, 2010

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The drop in sales in PC gaming is the fault of the developers
It is clear that PC games are on the decline compared to the rise of the consoles. And while many attribute to piracy, the producer of ‘Company of Heroes, Tim Holman, uncheck it with a controversial comments:
I think one of the things that hurts the game on PC are PC developers. If you make a game with such high requirements that only people with a $ 6,000 computer can play with a decent framerate of course sales will fall. I think PC developers have “shot in the foot” scale. A lot of companies are guilty of this.
However, Holman also mentioned the low requirements of ‘World of Warcraft’ as an example of PC development well done.
“My personal opinion? Except that some developers like Valve or Blizzard, most give out to PC users with a more modest, so to play without headaches, it is clear that a console is better.
However there are gender (the strategy) that would be nothing without a PC: And eye that tells you someone who has played most of his life in a desktop computer, and believes that this platform are the most of the great jewels of the industry.



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