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Dragon Age: Origins January 26, 2010

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Remove the expansion of Dragon Age: Origins, Return to ostage by Xbox 360 problems

Bioware has withdrawn the expansion of Dragon Age: Origins on Xbox Live since the circumstances were more than leaving it in the bazaar because it was not going to be installed since the update that prepares the Xbox 360 system for it contained an error.

In the words of Chris Priestly, one of the persons responsible for official Bioware forum:

“This morning an update for the Dragon Age: Origins on Xbox 360 has been made available for users to prepare the release of Return to ostage. This update has not detected an error that causes problems with the specialized classes ”

This error affects only Microsoft’s console since there are no reported errors in versions of PC and PlayStation 3 so far, Bioware to that which is working to resolve this error as soon as the update for the Xbox soon 360 can benefit from this growth.

Return to ostage is the expansion of this great RPG game which only hear and read only good reviews and no wonder, especially coming from the hand of the creators also expected Bioware game Mass Effect 2.



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