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Aliens Vs Predator PC Game February 2, 2010

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There comes a demo of Aliens Vs Predator

The chief designer of Aliens vs. Predator, Alex Moore in an interview revealed that Rebellion, and Sega will offer a demo of this title, but without saying when or where the console will be available, “There will be a demo … that’s all I can say, “if I may, I think the demo will arrive in late January because if they do not remember, the release date will be February 19 and that, to show something” playable “in the title must be early to get our attention and go to stores to buy it.

And if you’re interested in buying I inform you that this game will come in various editions from which the call Hunter Edition is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, this edition has:

* Metal housing.
* 4 exclusive maps via download.
* Patch Weyland-Yutani Corp.
* 3D lenticular card.
* And a replica of a “facehugger” (an alien fresh from the egg).

Despite being censored before their departure for being too violent (as the Australian government) developers have stressed Aliens vs. Predator think not edit the game or throw a special edition for that country as it did Infinity Ward.



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