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Horror PC Games of 2010 February 3, 2010

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The survival horror that await us in 2010

We continue doing them a look at all those titles that come to our consoles this year and we decided to track because they are very good. I have told them what will be the best exclusive games and shooters ahead, and today plays talk about survival horror games that will go on sale in 2010.

Will they manage to get us the fear in the body? The first list is Bioshock 2, which we will explore Rapture again, but now I will do from the perspective of the original Big Daddy. Its developers have promised us that feel much more fear than in the first half, is it true?, You will find out in late February.

If you like horror more “pure” then sure Dead Space 2 will be on your list. The first game in the series put the willies up to Janina Gavankar and Visceral Games has every intention of repeating his success. Prepare weapons because necromorph are back and eager for blood.


And the hardcore we fear the most fun version of horror hosted by Dead Rising 2. And if amazed at the amount of enemies on screen at first, now you’ll have much more, because Capcom is using a new graphics engine that allows you to have up to 5000 enemies on screen. Prepare to get their hands on the next April.

Finally we must not forget that Aliens vs. Predator come to our consoles in February. Rebellion wants to give life to the eternal war between two alien races that have fought countless battles in the world of videogames. The game allows you to choose from 3 different perspectives (Alien, human, Predator) in campaign mode and of course will also feature multiplayer. Be seen whether you win our hearts. Otherwise, we’re off to paddypowerbingo, where there’s always a chance to win!

What they do in their most anticipated games list? I have at the top of the list Bioshock 2 (but Dead Space 2 remains very, very closely).


1. Hegarty - April 4, 2010


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