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Modern Warfare 2 February 6, 2010

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Details about the first DLC Modern Warfare 2

As you know at this point is developed in the city of Las Vegas CES 2010 where they have been giving several interesting news, now is the turn of talk about the title of Infinity Ward and Activision, Microsoft has stated that the downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will arrive in the middle of spring 2010 and exclusively for the Xbox 360 although this will be temporary (ugh!).

And although Microsoft would not talk about the content of this it is almost certain to be 2 new maps for online multiplayer mode and the “new” modes of play which had commented, it “inside” copies of game.

Do not think about other users of PlayStation 3 and Modern Warfare 2, of course I would like to “hear” but, in case anyone asks, I do not mind waiting a bit more for the dlc and I still have much to play in campaign mode I’ve barely touched, because (as you must know) the online multiplayer mode is very addictive and more for fans of first person shooters like myself, so gentlemen, by my not hasten their dlc’s “exclusive” can expect whatever they want.



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i agree with you

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