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Supreme Commander 2 PC Game Review February 19, 2010

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The return of another strategy game

In February 2007 was released for PC Supreme Commander and some months later was available for Xbox 360. This title incorporates a system where you control a Supreme Commander, which is actually a giant mecha with which you build your main base and other buildings. This unit is essential, for if it is destroyed in battle, you lose the game. You could control one of three factions: the United Earth Federation, the Illuminati and the Cybran Nation, each with unique units, giving the game a special touch.

Supreme Commander’s Story 2 is set 25 years after the events of the first title. The conflict that’s when the newly elected president of the Colonial Defense Coalition is assassinated and members of the CDC, the United Earth Federation, the Cybran Nation Enlightened and blame each other, and spark a large war.

Supreme Commander 2 suspected of having a massive scale battles where players will start a war in which massive armies can create fully customizable, along with experimental war machines that can change the direction of the battle from one moment to another. You take control of three commanders enigmatic, each representing a faction, these in turn with a unique history and rich that will make you connect with the genre of RTS.

The gameplay is very similar to others of the same kind, only here, in addition to controlling your supreme commander, every battle you will experience that you can improve your army, both land and air and sea. In addition to gaining experience in the battlefield, you can improve your units through research facilities. And coupled with the improvements of units, you can also unlock new weapons or ships, so that the elections of improvements in this new system should be very well planned.

The maps are extremely well detailed and come in a wide variety, you’ll see an Arctic refuge, a large crater and ruins towers surrounded by a metal wall, among others. So far no one knows the total number of maps, only twelve have been announced.

Supreme Commander 2 contains major changes compared to its predecessor, has a fairly deep campaign mode, online multiplayer modes and a unique history. This will familiarize you with a new dimension to strategy games in real time. Supreme Commander 2 will be available for PC on March 2 and Xbox 360 on March 16.

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1. supreme commander 2 - March 15, 2010

ive got this game and it is awesome but some of the campaigns are quite annoying overall i give this game 9/10 and i recommend to anyone who is a extreme strategy game player to buy this.

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