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Aliens, Predators and Marines PC Game February 23, 2010

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The universe’s most dangerous species are invading the world of PC games

The conflict between the three most dangerous species in the universe is not new in PC games 2010, long we could play different titles based on the stories of these characters, and now I invite you to accompany me to recall some.

The series has had more games is the Alien, the first game you remember playing in my life is Alien for Atari 2600. This game was a clone of Pac-man, but every time I cleaned the level of points, you had opportunity to raise your score in a game like Frogger.

After several titles were available for computer, type RPG and shooter games, all based on the movies. This trend reached the Konami arcade and gave an excellent game: Aliens, which could be played by two people in cooperative mode. It was kind beat’em up, only your characters used guns. The first player used to Ripley and the second to Hicks. It really was quite good, with great level of challenge and variety of scenarios and weapons.

In Arcadia there were some shooters, but one that highlighted by the design of his cabinet was Aliens Extermination. It was quite difficult to play until the end, as with all the fighting genre.

The PlayStation was available Acclaim Alien Trilogy, a FPS based on the first three films in the series was excellent and was one of the most complete. It included a moment of action and incredible suspense, so if you have the opportunity to achieve this, highly recommend them.

A Predator has not fared as well as the other alien race. Predator … Rather, Schwarzenegger Predator for Nintendo, it was a horrible game. This was the kind of platform and we had a character who fought against scorpions, soldiers, amoebas and more strange things flying, all for we finished shooting with a laser to the floating head of a Predator. Predator 2 for Sega Master System was also based on the film is famous for having a high difficulty and repetition.



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