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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 February 28, 2010

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Destroy, defeat and conquest with a promising shooter

Late last year, Call of Duty Modern Warfare2 appeared, many thought it would be the game that would keep them occupied for some months or perhaps a whole year, the reality is different and the players started looking for other alternatives. New titles arrived, but they dominate the talk of the excellence of the demo of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Does this shooter has what it takes to seize a throne, which seems to belong to a couple of franchises legendary for a long time ago?

The multiplayer demo gives a good sample of what the game promises total destruction of the battlefield in an environment that gives the feeling of being in a real war with tanks, helicopters and artillery, surrounded by chaos in every corner of a huge map.

Just as in the previous section, you must choose a class, whether doctor, engineer, reconnaissance or assault, each with special abilities, from simple activities such as healing companions, even lethal artillery, this time with greater freedom to customize the equipment. For example, changing each of the parts you can release some of the stigma of what appeared to be in each class, thus changing the style of play going up in rank and get new and better weapons to which you must trust your virtual life.

Something that really shines in the game is the ability to destroy almost anything you find in your path, which is well exemplified in the forested parts of the demo, where to shoot an enemy, stray bullets and explosions nearby pines weakened , to the point where they are split in half and eventually falling to the enemy leaving exposed and trembling, while knowing that he fears the end of his life has come and will reappear in a few seconds.

A very useful tool to move and destroy targets, are transport. In the demo you can see a variety, from small motorcycles that used to move at high speeds, even heavy tanks not let anything get in her way, but this does not mean you’re safe inside one of these armored giants The introduction of a new device for marking vehicles with a laser and other weapons of mass can become powerful tanks in heavy metal coffins in a heartbeat.



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