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Bioshock 2 2010 PC March 3, 2010

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Bioshock 2 is here and many people are very excited to play the sequel to one of the most memorable games of this generation, but it really was necessary to return to Rapture?

Ten years have passed since the events occurred Bioshock. In terms of game dynamics, the most important in this sequel is that using a prototype Big Daddy (not like you already know), you’re in a city destroyed even that is controlled by another person, in the absence of Andrew Ryan Lamb is Sophia. The game is very similar to its predecessor and is very important that if you have not played the first one to do so before starting this, because otherwise the story will be too confusing for you.

The title uses the same engine, so graphics will not see many changes, the mechanics also very similar, use a combination of weapons and plasmids to kill your enemies. The beginning of the game is too familiar and for a moment you might think that the story is not original, but this situation changes soon.

It is true that the city is the same, but that does not mean you will be in the same places as in the previous title, BioShock 2 has their own scenarios full of madness, blood, violence and many leaks, this is a world that will take much time exploring.

Something that makes the difference between a game of Bioshock and other FPS, is the amount of story and narrative that you can find the characters of Rapture have a mind fractured and as is customary in the series, you’ll have to deal with the demands or difficulties that each presents to the next level.

Not everything is exactly as in the previous adventure, the plasmids and weapons can level up and this time are updates very powerful, to choose two modifications to a weapon, you will have available that will give you an extra added value devastating after make three modifications to the shotgun, I did not need to use another weapon.

Being a Big Daddy has responsibilities, to find a Little Sister and then get rid of his former guardian, you can take to small or harvesting. By introducing you can reap some of Adam, this is one of the newest and most important dynamics of Bioshock 2. Lowering your shoulder at the small, start to remove the Adam’s body, which will attract your enemies, so be prepared to fight.

In this sequel will be new enemies, one is the Brute, the toughest of the Splicers, else I will not mention so as not to ruin the surprise, and finally there is the Big Sister, who has been on magazine covers and videos as well surely already know, but I certainly will not be ready to deal with it, will be fighting hard.



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