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Top 10: PC Game characters that I want to have friends March 8, 2010

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Top 10: PC Game characters that I want to have friends

For the friends we can choose (the family comes in the package … what can we do). As time passes, people will change. Old friends disappear, new strangers come to us. But they’re always the heroes of the digital world. It’s a matter of turning on the computer and find them there, ready to delight us with his adventures. Here are the ten players of PC games that we all want to have friends.

1) Manny Calavera (Grim Fandango): The most seductive. Eccentric, elegant, to Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. A man who knows what to do. Manny Calavera is that friend that no one needs to finish alone in this life. The strategy is simple: Manny forward, takes the grand prize, behind us, we are left with the rest, good quality, obviously. Someone who knew how to move from an office job, selling trips to which all mortals can access after leaving the world (depending on our accomplishments in life), how to operate a casino in the middle of nowhere. Reinvention is at its best. Overcome, shuffling back and start again (with an ace up his sleeve, of course).

2) Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island): The more fun. What more sympathetic to listen to the stories of a friend who has sailed the seven seas! Chastened by his girlfriend Elaine, suffering with every attack by his archenemy, the evil Le Chuck, Guybrush continues his long journey to become the most prestigious and feared pirate in the Caribbean. Always a funny phrase at hand, this pirate has experienced everything from becoming a millionaire, see his own girlfriend made in gold, get into political issues, to discover that his worst enemy is your brother … very good shot of Nothing Grog can not make us forget! Levemos anchors and toast to a new adventure!

3) Chell (Portal): He who is always there. We know what history is. When we feel bad … we need someone to listen to our woes … that friend that always appears when you need it most. And that is in the midst of a scientific experiment! Skillful and strategic gifted, has in its hands the toy that all like to have. We know nothing about it but we ask that you only pay the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) that we would have to save good money on travel. With parables, paths and speeds impossible, she has the recipe to make us forget all that we are sad … Do not think wrong, please …

4) Dr. Gordon Freeman (Half Life): The most intelligent. While an error put him at risk to all mankind, can not deny that there is no better company than him when things get complicated. This theoretical physicist MIT graduate knows how to treat aliens in case we encounter any soldiers and escape mandated by the government to settle this “temita” that did not come out quite right. Radioactive elements, the third law of motion Newton, changing the frequency of radiation caused by the Doppler effect, are some of the knowledge to consult with the “doc” Once we get into the adventure of combat and solve puzzles Does life … is not it?

5) Max Payne (Max Payne): The most experienced. Sometimes life puts you through and it is in those moments where we lend our shoulder to the comfort of those we love most. “Maximum Pain” is his name and that special little person that we fall into a deep depression. A friend destroyed the soul that needs our help. Flying in “Bullet Time” throughout the environment, your life seems to stop in time. Despite our advice, had no better idea than falling for a hired assassin named Mona Sax which die in their hands (bad memories flood his mind again). We recommend that you better go to live in Brazil, police and leave matters. But this vacation was going to be short …

6) Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim): The freak. That friend-worm that because the destination was transformed into a superhero. With its “ultra-modern-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit” fallen from heaven, built by Professor Monkey-head for the Queen Heavy, bloated, bitter, sweaty, purulent, Disgusting, malformations and Dragged, Jim is those who want to do so it is not what it seems. As much as its heyday has stopped, we all remember fondly for his humor absolutely crazy (if he even had a fleeting passage through the TV !!!). We will be on your side when you fight hand to hand with your archenemy Psy-Crow! Is that what friends are for, right?

7) Twins (Twinsen’s Odyssey): The most affectionate. A friend who touches us and lets us ride on his dragon by Citadel Island. Traveling through the strange world of Twinsun (between two suns) divided the middle by a huge mountain that appears to create two distinct worlds in which four different species live together in harmony. Only the evil Dr Frunfrock will give meaning to their crazy dreams where God appears to him Sendell. It is very innocent and poor people takes advantage of it. Do not trust anyone but your girlfriend Zoe and us, your true friends who, even if your odd papal vestments your long hair blue and confused us a bit, always love you little … strange … creature …

8) Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros): The guy that fixes everything. The Italians are screaming but faithful. While plumbers are simply not hesitate for a second to give his life for a princess in peril. Tucked away with his brother Luigi in the sewers, with his red shirt and jumping over our heads, this friend is not afraid mustachioed poisonous mushrooms of the Mushroom Kingdom or King Koopa with his little coronet. We can never forget his music so special that marked entire generations for the rest of our eternity “gamer.” A benchmark of courage and fun. The friend that everyone would have at his side. Since you’re here … do not you why I would fix the leaky faucet?

9 – Sonic (Sonic Adventures): The best for errands. A hedgehog who can run at full speed is the best cadet that someone can have a friend. Although it is the face of one of the largest companies in the PC Game industry, we are proud of you. Be careful when you face the evil Dr. Eggman and more with your friend Tails, whose intentions are not entirely clear to us for you. Although your quills, the color of your eyes and your silhouette has become more dynamic in modern times that run, I’ll always love being a blue, spiked and faster bug non-existent. A hug (or a greeting from afar, the better).

10) William J. Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D): He who hates discrimination. When it’s time to escape the Nazi war machine big nothing better to do with a partner on our side. Although it was banned in Germany, was the pioneer in the fight (armed) against discrimination. Our friend rebel promised to return to the castle they ever had within its walls, thirsting for revenge. The whole community appreciates your services. This man was an example to all as he led the entire industry which learned that a good enemy and a handful of bullets is all that people need to have fun for years.


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2. MashGaming - March 11, 2010

Max payne would be a great friend and so is Sonic which can be really reliable if you forgot something from home and needs it immediately.

3. Gamer Loz - March 11, 2010

haha i can imagine enjoying a beer with earthworm jim and sonic. lol that would be awesome

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