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The Settlers 7 Game Review March 15, 2010

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The Settlers 7
Economy, diplomacy, research, conquest and victory: the new strategic treasure of the Kingdom.
The incombustible The Settlers series of strategy stands ready to extend their gameplay “civil” compatible. To revive the series after so many deliveries, with the roads of the Kingdom its leaders plan a change to recover lost some depth with the previous chapter.
Announced in September last year 2009, The Settlers: The Ways of the Kingdom is the seventh installment of a strategic saga for years has kept the bar high as far as RTS “civilians” are concerned.

With its new episode of Blue Byte kids who want to carry out a series of changes, some looking back and forward, to make this delivery is not just a simple number but something more important to the series. The look back at issues such as economic to recover the depth, or forward to others as a huge customization tools make real substance of Los Caminos del United a point must for fans of the franchise.

The Settlers 7: The Roads of the United
The boys from Blue Byte have had this time with advice from one of the greats of the genre, Bruce Shelley. The veteran will provide creative expertise to The Settlers.
Building a Kingdom
We start with a little background on the history that will accompany us in the ways of the Kingdom. The game will focus on Europe in the Age of the Seas, in the imaginary country of Tandria. Portray the princess Zoe, who has received orders from his father, the regent, to address a colony where it will take to regain control of a territory at war.

This is what we refer to the single player campaign that will move around the usual patterns in the series, with a series of missions strung by a story arc, although the logic supply of small skirmishes and multiplayer beyond.

First, and already nearing the playable side, what most called the attention of users who come to The Settlers 7 is the significant attention has been paid to the elements of customization. Now, for example, we can decide in great detail the castle of our kingdom, besides that we also have a full level editor with which to decide the look of the map and the number of players, the resources available or victory conditions with only a few mouse clicks.

Aesthetically The Settlers 7 will be a game marked by sympathetic and cuidadísimos designs and glittering and colorful palettes.
On the other hand in the latest installment of the series there was a certain laxity in regard to the economic leg of the title, something smooth with respect to previous episodes. The new economy recovers planning brainy previous episodes, and connects with a military aspect also much more careful.

In what sense are the armies greater weight? Now we have much more control over them. The Settlers will not, however, if a title essentially “civil”, but now we can give concrete and direct orders to our troops, which will result in a greater range of options in this field.

This will get more choice for the player so its approach to the ways of the Kingdom is concerned. We still have to pay attention mainly to the economic side, however everything military gain weight as we are highlighting. For example all around us all the territories occupied again be neutral armies, but when we decide to invade them for us with their raw materials will find that everything becomes more interesting thanks to the increase we will experience in the direct management of our men.

When constructing the buildings the system will be as simple as ever, being able to trace the paths and distribute its location freely.
Thus completes one more chance of victory, the military, to form the total of 20. Here we can find other ways as the win by diplomacy, economics, or even, for completing all possible research trees. We will be proclaimed when vencederos secured six of these 20 conditions of victory, and when we pass the meter time trial which is then activated, and for which we defend ourselves from other players that we will aim to try to avoid wiping out our achievement.

The Settlers 7: The Ways of the Kingdom, one of the most expected pc game for 2010 will come in a moment to realize the second quarter of 2010 to remind us that the genre of real time strategy PC continues to enjoy extraordinary health.



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