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Borderlands PC Game March 28, 2010

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Discover the secret of Pandora.

Gearbox Software, creators of “Brothers in Arms’, presents us with Borderlands, one of the titles that raised most interest this year. The game was first revealed in September 2007 but has since suffered a very large visual change, a section from more serious and realistic graphics to a more friendly and casual (cartoon).

One feature that attracted the most attention of this title is a genuine mix of styles of games they have done. Mainly it is an FPS but with touches of RPG and Sandbox which creates a new playing style, whose features are broken down in this analysis.

Do you like stories of treasure hunters?

In Borderlands take control of a mercenary who has found his bones in Pandora, an arid and inhospitable planet where circulating a story that relates the existence of a priceless treasure, a chamber containing high alien technology and guided by “the guardian angel “, we must find!. The bands and indigenous creatures on the planet will strive to make life impossible in this vast wasteland where law reigns of the fittest.

Along the way we meet a number of attractive characters, as inhabitants of this rugged wilderness, have developed sharp and aggressive personalities. Its importance is vital in the course of events, since their requests would spark the missions which in turn would advance the huge machinery of history, so big that sometimes lose the thread of the plot, even lost among so submersion .


This title captures with very interesting mechanical mixture. The game itself is a FPS where you have to shoot anything that will bring us closer, but if you look in depth we discovered a game system to the RPG style, where our character will evolve based on experience points gain and improving its weapons). With the right mix of these factors, we get the gameplay fast and fluid. The way forward in history, will carry out the tasks entrusted to us, forcing us to travel the vast distances that encloses the planet of Pandora.


1. JCP - March 30, 2010

I love Borderlands! Well the xbox one anyway.

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