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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Twilight April 1, 2010

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Test 4 Command & Conquer: Tiberium Twilight
After the venerable Dune 2, but more or less simultaneously with the WarCraft from Blizzard, the Command & Conquer series helped give the kind of strategy game real time its letters of nobility. Now, not later than fifteen years after the original game, Electronic Arts is determined to give an epic conclusion to what is sometimes called the Tiberium saga. A conclusion that takes the form of a fourth game that challenges all the achievements of the series: for better or for worse?
The swan song …
Ore fictitious imagined by the writers of the first installment in the saga, the Tiberium is a prodigious source of energy behind the endless conflict between the GDI (Global Defense Initiative) to the Brotherhood of Nod. In 2062, the time is yet more to quarrels in spreading throughout the world, the Tiberium threat to the very existence of humanity. While Kane – leader of Nod – have announced a way to resolve the situation, former enemies are forced to work … A Gideon – separatist Nod – did not mean however that way and as commander of GDI, we will have to eradicate this threat.
After only three small missions warm-up in the boots of GDI, the player is offered the choice inevitable Command & Conquer 4 PC: GDI or Nod. In the first case, it is to follow Colonel Louise James while in the second, we tend to trust Kane. Indeed, we find ourselves in familiar territory since the single player campaign is divided into two series of missions and scenarios with different objectives. Missions which, again regulars will feel, are interspersed with cutscenes involving players. Unfortunately, this latter are hardly convincing as the lack of feeling is very much in the scenery.

However, the biggest disappointment is not to be found in these sequences eventually accessories, it operates in reality much sooner, since the game’s launch because a connection to the Internet servers and Electronic Arts is absolutely essential that you want to play multiplayer or solo. If this is of course counter naughty pirates, this obligation also play a dual rationale. The developers have thus devised a way of continuing progress of the player. As and when its parts (solo, coop or multi), the player gains experience which enables him to spend levels and thereby unlock various elements of play
On a misunderstanding, it can … not even bin!

The need for permanent connection is also “justified” by the opportunity to play the entire single player campaign in co-op mode. To do this, developers have devised a system to be joined by any other player connected, and that, for any mission. The scenario is obviously not affected by this option, but it is found to fight against an adversary tougher than other artificial intelligence (AI). We do not value the stress of everything online, but recognize that the cooperative system is not necessarily a luxury, as the AI is incapable of facing the new class system.

We touch here on one of the major changes made by this Command & Conquer 4. In the beginning of the game, the player must choose among three classes (attack, defense, support) to appear before the crawler. This choice of class is important since it determines the units and structures that we are able to build. In part, it is possible to dematerialize its crawler a number of times to choose a new direction and take advantage of a new range of options. This type of management used crawler is somehow the key to victory in single-and multiplayer.
The crawler is all that remains the basis of previous C & C. It is known as the Mobile Construction Vehicle, because it can deploy at will and in a few seconds. In motion, it can produce and store a maximum of four units, but it is the case it makes sense. Most of the single player campaign and multiplayer maps are based on the principle of control points to take / keep this notion of mobility is crucial and management goes hand in hand with the change of class is that perfectly manager units – obviously complementary – each class the player can expect to win.



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