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Silent Hunter 5 PC Review April 8, 2010

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In ninety percent of cases in which a developer announces a game set in the Second World War is unmistakably a work of action in first or third person. The possibilities are playable National endless conflict, although the proliferation of titles inevitably begin to tire the patience of the most experienced player, feeling a sense of monotony very weak on the current generation. However, the war has been taken into consideration to produce titles much more dense and ambitious, away from the hostile land of soldiers to engage in a fighter plane, taking control in the style and strategist, not least away, using our navigation concepts to sink enemy fleets, as in the game before us.

Silent Hunter series is the ultimate where we live a series of matches from the nautical point of view, leaving the land for soldiers and first-person living in great detail the battles on the high seas more dramatic and frightening have or might have . The simulation which has been complicit in the series has made a legion of fans and followers unanimously support the game, which meets more than fourteen years since the first delivery and currently running its fifth title under the nickname “Battle of the Atlantic “with everything you need to please the fans and some developments that have very good fruit set in the project. Back in World War II, yes, but from another point of view totally different from what we are accustomed.

As mentioned, Silent Hunter is characterized as a fully differential to work now can be found in high-definition game consoles and compatible. Nautical simulation is not a concept that calls for all types of players, but is designed to please those who believe not in a single soldier can decide the fate of the world, as is customary in action games today day. In this way we will live the heat of battle since the invasion of Poland in 1939 until the arrival of convoys in 1943, laughing a homensaje-as you would like to express the study commissioned for the work, all men and women who participated in one of the longest and most decisive battles of history, whatever side they belong to.
Like a fish in water

So they began taking the role of a First Officer on a first mission that will serve as a tutorial to get familiar with the concepts of our submarine. Should be clarified that Silent Hunter promises a very decent simulation of the concept of sea warfare, so those players who are waiting for an arcade game, with plenty of action, infinite ammo and large-scale explosions at impossible angles and can go looking for the experience in another title, since we are in a simulation work pure and simple, with everything that entails.

Having clarified the concept of the game, take control of our protagonist, first person control√°ndono entire infrastructure of the ship, being able to chat with the crew, visit the most inhospitable areas of the submarine and making life before start doing missions right and left. This system setting is the first major new Silent Hunter with respect to their predecessors, for we can see the statistics of our crew, skills and other theoretical concepts conversations with them, forgetting tedious menus and information stacked without any dynamics – but the most dedicated nostalgic and have your information where ever.

From here we learn to know our submarine as if a part of us is involved. We must take into account many aspects of the ship if we want to end sunk at sea. To begin, we will not have infinite ammo, but we will have a series of missiles of various types completely different and distinctive properties for use depending on the enemy that we saw, not be the same attack a ship that is on the surface completely still a submarine that is moving at breakneck speed. Based on our good work, the missiles will be given more or less effective in attack, so you can forget “attack to attack, because otherwise we will not go anywhere. That yes, if we are lucky we can send a flurry of missiles, a torpedo each have our submarine canyon at the risk of remaining defenseless for a while, because the missiles have a reset time latent.

The same applies to the situation of our ship, since from the same menu of the periscope can decide whether to go out to the surface, hide and watch our environment or make an emergency maneuver to escape enemy attacks. This, of course, not automatic, but gives us the feeling is that all our movements must be calculated to the smallest detail, as each action will require a waiting period. Silent Hunter 5 is not an arcade game, as mentioned, and that may despair the more casual player. Fortunately, one of the most widely used during the adventure is the speed of the game, especially for long distance running as part of the ability to change the speed of our submarine, either forward, backward or neutral – we can increase the speed of the work, making all the moves happen at breakneck speed, avoiding boredom if we have to go from one end to another of the sea without seeing any enemy.

The gameplay in the beginning may be incomprehensible, especially if we are not fans of the series, but little by little, and thanks to the tutorial, we will learn the basics of the work, which will lead us to perceive a sense of being actually inside of a submarine running battles more realistic and satisfying the world of videogames. Silent Hunter is not an easy job, and less if we are players or not some patients experienced this type of security, but once we understand the daily chores in the war all the actions performed automatically, as if we were a senior really.
A historic visit

The main mode is the developer proposing the campaign mode, where we have the pleasure of visiting various missions variables justified in a historical context, giving more excitement to every game from the first minute of play. On the other hand we also have various special missions unlocked from the start, which are recreations of the epic battles of history and recognize the players more interested in history and all its details. These alternative missions are played exactly like the main campaign with the sole fact that they are independent and we can play them in the order you want, without being tied to any plot to force us to realize common objectives.

In contrast, Silent Hunter 5 offers an experience quite remarkable in the level of competitive online gameplay mode. Thanks to our Internet connection and servers Ubisoft, will have the opportunity to play games with players from around the world, showing it on good authority if we are worthy of leading a submarine and the group that will accompany us at all times. Remember that the new DRM system proposed by the company forces the player to be connected to the network constantly, relentlessly, but whether we are playing with a friend as if otherwise we are in the single player mode.

The technical section of the work is more than remarkable, in the wake of the latest contribution from the developer to gender. Have been greatly improved physics and behavior of water and the various details that appear on stage at all times. Similarly, the fact that included in the game in first person camera makes the claustrophobic atmosphere during our visit to the submarine is excellent, being able to visit each and every one of the compartments that make up the giant offshore. The sounds and voices in English, with subtitles in Castilian-increase the level of realism, giving a very good impression for less experienced players. Yes, the characters do not have the quality of other titles in the same firm, and it shows that it is made in the background, exclusively for the setting. Perhaps that is why we have seen several errors, which presumably can be corrected in the future by patching-graphs that have left the game experience at the level of polish, but nothing-too-serious to spoil the party.

And is that in this generation, one of the most feared components experienced players is the subject of several errors and bugs, and not only by being able to tease the game experience, but also to prevent move correctly during departure. In Silent Hunter 5’ve seen some pretty disturbing mistakes that have forced us to repeat missions or directly out of the game for a hang point, but, as mentioned, Ubisoft is already working out of a patch to fix the concepts that could not polished to the launch of the title.

Silent Hunter 5 stands as the best in its class. While not a genre that appeals to the masses who live today in the gaming industry, the developer has managed to collect each and every one of the aspects that once made it great for the series and to maximize provide a remarkable gaming experience. Highly recommended for players who are curious, they want to see how they lived through the war at sea, and, of course, for all fans of the series, since they found one of the best titles in the series to a very competitive price.



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