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Assassin’s Creed 2 2010 review April 23, 2010

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Assassin’s Creed 2

And finally came the highly anticipated Assassins Creed 2 to PC. The players looked forward to this platform game that had already enjoyed in its first edition and subsequent episodes laptop. The Assassins of PC has hit the market shortly after its console counterparts and we have seen some changes that have improved the gaming experience in the title.

Broadly, the computer game console and not much different. The story remains intact despite the inclusion of free content that console was in charge. The Battle of Forlì and The Bonfire of the Vanities two missions will be fully available to both PlayStation 3 and X360 were paid and when you get to these there was a jump in history.

If Assassins 2 with its own light shone on other platforms, the pc leads to a higher standard because of the possibility of modifying many more parameters can see even more quality.

The lights and shadows, despite a failure point, they behave correctly and with a good machine quietly enjoy everything the new Assassins Creed 2 has to offer.

Obviously, one of the biggest changes you will feel the player – if he has tested the game on console before – is that the controls require a previous configuration. Not predefined but why not come because, for example, climbing first and bind other action immediately, we will use up to four buttons arranged in the wrong way will make this impossible. Once the keyboard configured to taste and with the help of mouse maneuvers with Ezio are much easier and the game starts to roll differently.

As for the technical finish, Assassins Creed 2 meets expectations. Greatly improves the first title and manages to overcome the monotony that had earned some criticism of Ubisoft. The story of Altair and Ezio is totally different and the latter game has a plot worthy of a novel. Ezio’s adventures since I was little help to integrate the player in his game and become more the hero, was not the case with Altair.

The character models look great and locations fully resemble actual buildings. It has captured well the atmosphere of the time and the Italian cities that Ezio is visiting. From the splendor of the Florentine Republic to the rougher side of San Gimignano. Assassin’s Creed 2 is a work both graphic and very deep at the time of reproducing historical facts mixed with the history of the auditors.
Romantic History

The appearance of Desmond in the early stages of the game makes the player think again Assassins 1 and what it meant at that time. The beginning of the game was promised but then becoming more boring in terms of content.

In this case is different, Desmond at the beginning and after escaping from the premises where he has been admitted will have to face another kind of Animus, which takes you to the Medici Florentine Republic, Da Vinci and Auditors, their ancestors.

Assassin’s 2 and begins with one foot on entering the Animus. The first tutorial is integrated into the life of Auditore Ezio child. While we carry out orders for our parents and we went in search of our brother “scatterbrained” and we engaged in a good fight in the same Ponte Vecchio learn the basic movements that we apply during the rest of the adventure.

In this case the character’s movements are much more sophisticated range of possibilities opens up a lot with the inclusion of additional information and locations of the targets that we find the stores that will be possible to buy or fix our armor and weapons as well as people who We sell maps updated objectives and we will discover new secrets. Doctors also are good because they are allies in many parts of the city, on the same street, and fifty dollars, we can recover all the life we lost. Similarly, we may buy up to five bottles – at first – that will allow us to bring medicine with us. The progress of the game will mean more money and, therefore, to improve the jacket to fit more bottles and items.

In this novel that is Assassins Creed locations and have taken great care setting. Anyone who has traveled to Florence or Venice, to name two of the most famous locations in the game, will they really are the same as in reality. Buildings like the Palazzo Medici and Santa Maria Novella in Florence or the capital of San Marco Piazza in Venice. The important thing is to not lose detail even on the covers, which will climb with no problem and see that the realism of the red tiles and the vision of the city remain incredible. Assassins also gains from the heights, where the technical work has been outstanding.
Fantastic graphics

This is one of the points where the console versions and the distant computer. The fact that we can modify the resolution and gives a point of modifiability and, moreover, free to set the game to our liking. With this, Assassins Creed may reach more people and to configure the maximum mean the inability to play for many people who do not have a machine with adequate graphics performance.

The graphics performance will be forced to move many characters and environments at the same time. The cities are full of movement details were not before: boxes hanging on ropes, people who walk around town – they will not have as much detail as those with whom we interact – or we will have a new ally to escape the hordes Guards who come to our meeting … the water. In this case is not only to beautify the stage but will be an active element Ezio help to escape, reach other parts of the city or even to remove the bodies throwing them into the water.

To be an active participant in the game has had to suffer many tweaks to swim Ezio natural. And it has succeeded. The behavior of the liquid is clean – but need to purge in subsequent titles in the series – and combines well with the rest of the game, the protagonist from strokes when it comes in contact with her to throw himself down from a bridge or pier.

The entire story line, and connected to internet

If we saw that the game is different in the console and computer for the changes in graphics it is for the downloadable. Players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had to see how the memory slots were ignored by the computer specialist for “failure data” corresponding to “the battle of Forli” and “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” In this case, the tanks may enjoy these downloadable without paying for them since they are fully implemented in the original game. This was a point that did not please the players and that Ubisoft has learned and modified.

Another criticism that the French company has received from players and still give plenty to talk about is the internet connection required to play the game. The new DRM, anti hacking system Ubisoft wants to avoid the proliferation of illegal copies of the title and this requires a continuous connection to the network players.

When the game loses contact with the network is locked and normally given no chance to save with all the advances from the saved will be lost. Now, this has improved and these are saved if the system does not convince anyone finishes. The two clicks that were previously required to start a game now become a “log” on page upon registration of Ubisoft.

It seems that little by little dependence between the internet and gets bigger games and gamers will have no choice but to have a good installation and seamless fully enjoy their favorite games.
Luxury Atmosphere

The walks in the Italian Renaissance not only be full of action, we also find a lot of characters that existed at that time and are essential. His appearance in the game is sometimes high but in many others allow Ezio know many more secrets of those who see with the naked eye.

We talked, for example, unions and their importance at the time. In this respect will establish special friendship with two of these, of prostitutes and thieves. Florence will be the owner of a brothel the family that embraces our mission while we are in the city. When we get out of this, in the fields of Florence, will be the leader of the thieves to teach us what we need to know about weapons and new destinations.

Aid groups of monks and merchants who walk through the city is also welcome because the guards stop us when we mix with them and walk into your range. Once out of these will be difficult – especially if we move running and climbing the walls – that one guard would not raise the height and invited us to a good brawl in the middle of town with two or three of his companions. These groups will help us move through the city will find the payment, ie, groups of courtesans of 150 florins was offered to distract the guards, the bad is that it is temporary, and drop out at any time.

Another group to contend with on this occasion will be the guards. Different types of guards, we find the normal range, swordsmen or those in uniform to be almost impossible to fight because of their large size and frame worthy of any medieval history.

Despite all these aids, it is safer to travel on the ceilings and roofs of the houses, out of sight of guards and citizens who are surprised as we go climbing girders, scaffolding and embers in the walls. These movements have also been improved with respect to the first version of the game.

Finally, the symbols, which will be crucial in the game will give us – to collect them all – the ability to access a file with a mysterious code name “truth.” The video – which does not understand at first – will be a mainstay for those who have to find symbols and marks in the most remote sites, from walls on top of a building to simple walls.

Some puzzles include pictures of the time, sculptures and other references that give the game a very creative and cultural assets while training as a simple touchdown for newcomers.

Assassin’s Creed 2 has far surpassed its predecessor resolving both technical problems that had history. The player arrived to find heavy recurring some missions where we were. Here, in the second part of the game, the plot and characters make a cool game much more than we want to know more.

Like a novel, the characters are much more rounded and equipped with a depth not previously had. Character maps and access to free us from the support provided will aid computer to keep track of the game.

As for the technical section we believe that is the highlight of the game and improvement seen in the console. With a good machine the game is spectacular and accompanying light and shadow on a pristine Ezio except some minimum programming error.

The game follows the case of climbing walls and killing as stealthy as possible, although improvement in story line, movement and handling of textures. Generally follows the trail of what we’ve seen on consoles, a game that fans of the genre can not pass up. Assassin’s Creed 3 is also announced, it will be released in 2011.



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