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Two Worlds II RPG April 27, 2010

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Two Worlds II

In recent years, Western RPGs have been gaining favor with the public thanks to the wise decisions made by their developers to move this type of adventure, once programmed exclusively for compatible, the world of consoles. This is something that has attracted occasional criticism from the classic PC gamer, however, the positive results of this expansion the universe Consoleros speak for themselves through sales more than satisfactory.

Big games like Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Dragon Age: Origins are reliable signs that its programming for consoles has been determined to be disclosed to the public, so if the thing does not change, and nothing makes us portend otherwise the market will continue down that road.

Everyone knows that these stories are characterized by environments in large universes, covering tens of kilometers over which we interact with many characters, places and objects, giving us such freedom of action which sometimes reaches to eclipse the light users started in the genre, try to bring freedom that one step further from Reality Pump boys with the sequel to Two Worlds, a game that went through our country with more pain than glory, as though was by no means a bad game, excessive bugs detected in both PC and 360, attached to the release of Oblivion by Bethesda months before its release, prevented him from shining with its own light. Nevertheless, the absolute number of sales was more than acceptable, key to carrying out this second part.

Two Worlds 2 will maintain the same approach as its prequel, but through a graphical section renovated with a lot of changes in gameplay that will try to build a product to rival the great works of this genre today. To carry out this task, its developers have relied on a template that is twice that he worked in the previous game and changed the distributor SouthPeak to Zuxxez, which has offered a degree of development of about 2 years, We intuit that their programmers will try to raise their product at the highest level.

Interestingly, unlike what happened with the previous game, this time the creators of Two Worlds 2 have given their full interest in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, despite its launch is also scheduled for PC and Mac
Back to Antaloor

Following the argument, the story takes place 5 years after the end of the events in Two Worlds, when the world is Antaloor the edge of the abyss and the main hero, that is, our avatar, his imprisonment in dark dungeons of the castle of Gandohar in a mood so low that even lost hope of saving his sister Kyra, who is now under the influence of a magic power which can not escape. However, the course of the story takes a completely unexpected direction when the opposing Orcs, mortal enemies of our protagonist, hatch a plan for their release. From that moment, our hero must find out the reason why the Orcs have decided to lend support and learn as much as possible of their mysterious leader, the legendary Dragon Queen, whom will be forced to rely on to carry After the release of his sister Kyra and consummate his revenge.

According to the creators of the game, has paid great attention to the plot, based on a very interesting main story, but did not want to leave aside the secondary objectives, common in such games, which promise to be at the height of the history and may extend the game to about 200 hours.

Throughout the adventure, we meet a lot of NPCs, the famous NPCs, which have been given special care as far as details are concerned, their behavior trying to provide as realistic as possible and develop relationships with such interesting side Rogdor, warrior leader of the Orcs, who will accompany us on some of our adventures, or Ed Teal, the most infamous and cunning pirate who has sailed the seas of Antallor. According to Reality Pump, these characters and many others, will assume certain roles that will determine the course of history.

As in every game of this nature, we have at our disposal a vast area to explore, which will carry out our missions. To do this, its creators say it will give the players the freedom to choose between different means of travel, whether walking, running, sailing, horseback riding and even by tele-transportation. It is said that the area for the adventure that will take place cover over 60 km ², will be even higher than the works of Bethesda.

A considerable chart jump

To show all this graphic compendium, Reality Pump has made use of motor GRACE, which according to its developers, the game will look dramatically in either platform. This engine will give his best, getting, with no slowdowns or declines in performance, crisp views over great distances. Another of its strengths so we can detect the use of light and particles, for they manage schedules and climatic changes show a considerable realism, not to mention the myriad effects of spells that we shall learn during the game, as its developers, with Grace will be impressive.

This is not the only thing this engine will self chart, as both characters, such as environmental elements, contrasts in light and many other details, have a much more optimized physical than we saw in Two Worlds, giving greater consistency and realism to the whole.
Interesting developments

Another critical points in the previous title was referring to the artificial intelligence aspect in Two Worlds 2 has been completely remodeled, resulting in a much more solid game, especially as the system of confrontation is concerned. In the words of Reality Pump, our opponents may communicate at the time of attack to combat tactics and weave our character, not to be outdone, their tactics continually evolve throughout the game, so depending on the movement made by the enemy, our reactions conform to that movement. All this, as with any RPG, anger being improved by our character as we are gaining experience points. Spells for its part, also have a strong influence in these clashes, we can create spells that our taste thanks to the Demons will allow us to make our combinations based on elements of fire, earth, water, air and dark magic.

On the other hand, give us the ability to manufacture our own inventory items, and modify those that already have. This is thanks to the CRAFT system, based on basic elements, allow us to manufacture a large cast of armor and weapons that can even tune to our taste, which give a touch of freedom, limited only by the imagination of everyone.

Another innovation that has caught our attention is the fact that all our actions have consequences in the evolution of the game, which also affect the behavior of people with whom we interact, or when we use our business skills, enabling we involve them more with this universe and will live the adventure of a much more personalized and not as a series of events that will necessarily happen to all players equally.
Unresolved unknowns

We have yet to know for sure what the road will the Lords of Reality Pump with the multiplayer mode, there is nothing clear about it and yet all we know is that I have described as “the closest thing to an MMO which has been in the console to date. ” This makes us think we have tried to respond to criticism by many players to the online section of the previous title, thinking of innovative ideas that may please the lovers of massive online games, so prevalent in the online universe of PC.

What we can ensure, is that Two Worlds II is an ambitious game will be crowned as one of the greatest RPG of the year, although, of course, the last word have the final consumer, the end of the day, is who should judge whether all these promises expressed by its developers have met or else we find ourselves before a significant degree but not the great work that many hope will be. Anyway we must wait for its release in order to have an overview of a product, no doubt, discuss with our objective as possible.



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