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Battlefield 1943 video game April 30, 2010

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Battlefield 1943: the million on Xbox in June on PC

Hailed by critics, Battlefield 1943 is also the players who have already been more than one million to take on Xbox 360.

Through a press release all that is more formal, Electronic Arts is back today on the success of Battlefield 1943. The publisher says, and it is the largest cardboard registered by the Xbox Live Arcade Microsoft

Electronic Arts supports his statement by citing an impressive 1 million downloads during the nine months of marketing the game from Digital Illusions CE. A threshold that would have been the first to achieve in such a short time if one believes the publisher who, one suspects, would give new ideas to its developers … until the PC version of the game! Remember that Battlefield 1943 is actually available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since last summer, but a PC version is still planned, “soon” after the release of Electronic Arts.

Update: identified by Netsabes NoFrag of a Twitter message published by Electronic Arts Poland appears to announce the arrival of a boxed version of Battlefield 1943 in June on PC. It remains to be detailed in the countries concerned.



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