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Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer May 17, 2010

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In 2008, World of Warcraft had been three years and permanently dominated the market for MMORPGs. Nobody was able to scratch it. Dozens of titles had tried in vain to take a huge slice of cake for nearly 10 million players mesmerized by Blizzard mother, but were at best able to give a little ‘cream. In this bloody war to the subscriber, a group of Norwegian developer, Funcom managed to stand out from the crowd with a title that had its gameplay is completely different than usual and a huge and complex mythology, the novels of Robert E. Howard featuring Conan the Barbarian.
WoW finally had his first real rival, but output a bit ‘rushed and an initial lack of content brought Age of Conan to have a lower than expected success. The assault on Azeroth Conan failed, however many players chose a good barbarian, drawn from the adult and the innovations introduced by the game. Enough to enable Funcom to develop an expansion of the original game, Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer.

My King has compiled a camel with his fist while he was drunk, I am proud to be his subject.
Age of Conan begins, like all MMOs, with the creation of your character. The initial editor is very precise and allows you to edit the details of the face and body type, class and the source of your virtual alter ego. Rise of the Godslayer does not add much to this process, but allows you to create an original character of the land of Khitai, the equivalent of Asia in world created by Howard.
It is the empire of the frame Khitai expansion, and it happens that the people khitano not see a good eye on the muscular barbarian ruler of Aquilonia. Conan In fact, before becoming a feared and powerful king, he used to roam the world in search of adventure and trinkets to steal. Eastern Empire during a mission to capture a giant gemstone, he met a wise alien named Yag-Kosha. The creature, venerated as a deity by the Khitan, imprisoned for centuries and now reduced to a carcass without power, he asked the warrior to kill her. In a fit of kindness, Conan decided to end his suffering. The inhabitants of the Eastern did not took very well, dubbed Conan the “deicide” and swore eternal hatred. Not enough, Yag-Kosha kept at bay the malignant energies of the place and now that the alien is dead, monsters of all kinds have begun to awaken.

Cyclone swords “on, diagonal right, diagonal left, crescent on, Hadouken!
The control system of Age of Conan expansion remained unchanged and this is a ‘good thing. The fighting is very complex and well structured: the melee is based on a combo system that applies directional status of various types of enemies, while the number of spells wizards exploit that have different effects depending on the order in which they are used . The number of skills and spells is huge and offers numerous possibilities for specialization of the various classes. Unchanged also the defense system that requires moving three individual barriers to improve protection against certain types of attacks. Even the maximum level is increased, the limit is, in fact, always 80.
The only real variation in gameplay introduced by Rise of the Godslayer is the addition of an alternative system of character growth. In practice, beyond the normal abilities, each class has won a number of talents that are unlocked by level but with points earned by completing specific objectives in PvE or, alternatively, with killing in PvP. New skills can also be leveled with a special development “time” that allows you to enhance, in direct proportion to the hours that pass, skill selected. This option is designed for casual gamers who do not play many hours a day. Do not be fooled, neither the one nor the other method will bring out the talents rapidly are needed almost twenty hours to earn one point by the method of time and tons of experience points for doing the same thing with the method base. It will take months to unlock everything.
The new system adds great flexibility to the game. The additional talents fall into three categories and must be activated on a special bar to be used. With the advancement alternative can be set at any time, a series of specific skills to make their life easier in PvE or possibly focus on useful talents for PvP in order to have a marginal advantage over rivals. The possibilities for customization of your character was already huge in Age of Conan, with this expansion is further increased.

Rule number 74 of perfect barbarian “be biased”
The guys from Funcom did not think only the veterans in Rise of the Godslayer. One of the features of the expansion is the presence of the zone of passage for Khitai, designed for players between level 20 and 40. We explored almost the entire area with our barbarian named Surly, and although most of those missions are killing and collection of typical MMORPGs, we found it very well structured and more fun to explore compared to the content level characters average in the other representatives of this genre.
Level 80 players to the expansion offers 4 huge new regions: the northern steppes, the province of Chosain, the corrupt and Kara Korumar Paikang. Rich in all missions, dungeons to face in the group and especially factions.
If you had difficulty in choosing between Aldor and Scryers in World of Warcraft, Rise of the Godslayer will send you into total confusion. In Khitai factions to choose from even a dozen, all with long and complex series of specific missions and rewards. You can not serve any organization: to choose one is to enter into conflict with the rival group, and consider those who help.
Do you want your dark templar is as evil as possible? Priests Yellow Yun and Fragile Sword are definitely for you with their curious habit of sacrificing human beings to the gods. You want to be heroes at all costs? You could give a hand to the offspring of Yag-Kosha, group of individuals rather peaceful, or the unfortunate students of Cheng-Ho who aspire to regain the lost freedom. The line of moral conduct of the factions is not clearly divided into good and evil. Groups may reveal apparently evil intentions during the final missions, while groups that preach peace and brotherhood turned out to be anything but peaceful. Do not worry, if the organization does not prove satisfactory choice, you always have the option to betray her.
Two factions, in particular, offer a tasty reward. Once the necessary respect for the Tigers and Wolves of the Steppe Tamarin will deliver a baby tiger or wolf lovingly grow. Obviously, once grown, the child will become a huge beast that will help you dismember enemies or even more enormous beast.

That is very muscular warrior. I know that is doped
Rise of the Godslayer is a great expansion, but not perfect. First the huge amount of content is not without bugs. They are mainly trifles not bother much, as invisible walls or small graphic changes, but some are really obvious. Serious crashes like the game or people stuck in landscape elements captain, but they are extremely rare. Fortunately most of these problems have been corrected by Developed during the beta phase and the team is constantly working to quickly fix any possible problem.
PvP is another sore point expansion. Despite the new alternate advancement system it has improved and has increased the complexity in Khitai developers have even added a mini-game add-on player versus player. Programmers have however promised that the next patch will be devoted almost exclusively to challenges between players.

That Axe about to cut in two is really beautiful
The graphics engine that moves the Age of Conan is the best in the field of MMORPGs. The models of monsters and characters are extremely detailed and the textures are high quality. The animations, in particular, are the highlight of the game. The guys from Funcom have done a good job with motion capture and everything moves very smoothly. The look of weapons and armor is very raw and realistic environments and also defend themselves very well. The palaces of Khitai are a feast for the eyes and the landscapes are quite different and original. Another small but welcome addition is the ability to see part of the bordering areas. Moving from one area and another is always accompanied by a load, but before the regions were completely detached from each other and exploring the world was something unnatural.
Of course, it is still an MMORPG, then some element or subdued patterns are sometimes not very detailed there. In these games the reliability and lightness of the graphics engine are first. Age of Conan from this point of view is defended discreetly but since the graphic detail, you need a pretty high performance PC to play smoothly.
The sound stands at good levels. The music is atmospheric and sounds convincing, too bad there are NPCs with dubbing only on the island of Tortage. The lack of talking characters from then jars a bit.

System requirements:
– Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
– 1 GB RAM
– NVidia GeForce 6600 or equivalent with 128 MB of video memory
– Intel Pentium 4 3GHz or equivalent
– 35 GB of disk space

Final Remarks
Rise of the Godslayer perfects one of the best MMORPGs currently in circulation, solving the problem of lack of content that has determined the initial decline. The Khitai offers many hours of gameplay to aspiring barbarians and alternative development further enhances the already enormous opportunities to customize your warrior. Moreover, developers have also thought about newcomers entering a region for medium-low level characters. This expansion deserves to be bought, you’re a fan of barbarian king or not. Pity about the lack of extra goodies for PvP and new thick. With a few more hours added to the original Conan would be a masterpiece among MMORPGs.



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