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Prison Break The 2010 Conspiracy May 21, 2010

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This comes late in the tie of the highly successful U.S. series Prison Break.
The Conspiracy fans will Scofield and his companions into the heart of Fox River Penitentiary, offering a plot that traces from another point of view the events narrated in the first season, by far the best of the four. In the role of the agent of the Company Tom Paxton players groped to find any way to impede the escape of Lincoln Burrows from prison, so that the prisoner ends up in the electric chair as planned.

Jailhouse Rock
As in every tie respectable, even Prison Break: The Conspiracy has the primary goal is to effectively reproduce the atmosphere of the series which is inspired in that sense, the work of developers ZootFly failed. Except for Dr. Tancredi and held unstable Haywire (whose features have been altered by the lack of official licenses), the main characters of the excellent cast make their appearances with the right timing and the Fox River State Penitentiary has been reproduced with good care. Unfortunately, to accompany this effective immersion in environments so dear to the fans is not just exciting gameplay. From the first moments of the game is easy to see that the linearity and the most absolute stillness dell’incedere characterize every aspect: it will always get from point A to point B, locked in small rooms and without the slightest possibility of exit from path provided by the developer. To characterize the gameplay there are basically three stages that are repeated endlessly throughout the whole campaign, beginning with the day exploration of the common areas of the prison, where you can get from time to time the next assignment to continue the main story. Then there are the stealth phase, present in large quantities: since many missions will require you to simply recover this or that on behalf of one of the detainees as “famous”, the only way to achieve this is through different areas of prison without being noticed by guards. Unfortunately in these situations the linearity makes absolutely master the paths of the guards have not only fixed but also scripted. When you reach certain points of the paths will change dramatically forced patrols to provide a few moments to go unnoticed. Some mechanical attempt to change this formula, such as the ability to hide in closets, but here we are faced with options in one way: if the map is a wardrobe, nascondervisi be the only way to go, always in the name dell’incedere of absolute linearity and predictability. Other small variation on the mini-games are linked to the loosening of bolts and iron bars to break through some decidedly unattractive. In this way, the impression of participating in stealth experience is not entirely, giving way to a frustrating trial and error accompanied by a feeling of absolute constraint. The last type of gameplay is made from hand to hand combat, when it engages or is involved in a fight the camera approaches the character in a suggestive manner. The shots will be reduced to light, powerful, and counter-parade, the latter by itself able to reverse the fortunes of any meeting. If activated simultaneously with a light blow enemy, blocking it gives access to a powerful active response from the rapid push of a button. The omnipotence of this mechanism ensures that the fighting is to win sufficient support to counter move, making them definitely not exciting. To close the circle there are several quick time event that will activate both during normal gameplay or during some cut scenes to the program they will impose pressure for several consecutive keys and failure correspond to immediate loading the last checkpoint, making the ‘execution just frustrating PC users are further penalized by having to use the keyboard. It ‘worth noting, inter alia, proposed as the keys are completely disconnected from what happens on the screen, forcing me to rely only on their reflexes to successfully complete the sequences.
The only alternative to this series of linear sections of the game are the combat clandestine meetings in the prison yard, where you can take part in an assignment the other, they allow you to earn sums of money be spent exclusively in tattoos, which unfortunately have a purely aesthetic, rendering useless the efforts made to obtain them. It ‘now possible to train our alter ego both with weights and with the punching bag is a pity that this makes it simply stronger, resulting in close combat even easier. Unlocking new combos would make this tedious practice more meaningful, but it is unfortunately not the case.
Considering that the story fits in quite obvious and never intrusive in the events narrated in the first television series, so the absence of any twist, and that the writers have unfortunately thought it was appropriate to reveal the final from the first moments of the game, narrative component of Prison Break: The Conspiracy fails to revive the fortunes of bad gameplay, longevity does not help either, testified about 7 hours total. The addition of an alternative way in fighting style, which allows for a conflict against a local multiplayer, not particularly attractive given the low quality of the combat system.
The only positive side of the title is so good reproduction of the atmosphere of the original series, which will satisfy fans looking for some nostalgic deja vu, a real pity that the remaining pieces of the puzzle have not been subject to much care.

Technical sector
Visually, the title ZootFly presents a design that draws abundantly from the sets of the original series: Fox River is present in all its many indoor and outdoor. The maps are however still very limited in size, with the sole exception of the courtyard. The loading area between both of them are quite frequent perilous, sometimes breaking the rhythm. Re-use of textures, medium quality tends to flatten the background, while the polygon modeling discrete returns credible characters sometimes, sometimes not. The animations are a sore point: those facial insufficient, considering the bad lip-synch, just passable those related to movement, with some particularly positive example in the fighting. Unfortunately widespread interpenetration polygonal, which stand out especially in sequences more excited.
Note negative checkpoints: Given the inability to save at will, sometimes forcing them to repeat long periods of play.
The sound is not particularly attractions: the music of the TV series have been slavishly portrayed, adding sound effects are often as low, resulting in the final mix soon enough. Failure to report the Italian translation, subtitling and replaced by a simple representation of the real actors’ voices, which no doubt will satisfy fans who have enjoyed the series in its original language.

Final Remarks
With a concept certainly not revolutionary, but still interesting, Prison Break: The Conspiracy could be a valid. Unfortunately, the troubled development and the various references ZootFly did not allow developers to package a good product, merely an experience to advise exclusively to casual gamers much fans of the series. Everyone else, fans of Fox River or not, would do well to look elsewhere and stealth-action experience, given the extremely wide range present in these months on the shelves.



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