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Global Agenda PC Game 2010 May 25, 2010

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We are in 2155, the third great war has upset the balance of land and guide the current world government oppression and ruthlessness with the entire planet. The remaining pockets of resistance are organized in small operational teams equipped with high technology cybernetics to regain control of territories, the future is all in their hands and if anything will change they will decide how. Studio Hi-Rez launches us into conflict by making the shoes of a member of these corporations, will be up to us to deploy and modify the persistent world of new MMOFPS that blends fighting PvE, PvP, and Ava in person.

A futuristic alterego
The first choice that we make affect the class and to interpret the appearance of our virtual alter-ego, as in classical RPGs we will have many details from the facial hair up to the coloring of the skin which modify the characteristics pg well as the possibility of deciding the sex, but unfortunately there you can change the height or the tonnage of the character that will remain linked only to the choice of one of the four classes available. These are divided into:
– Assault: classic bullies from excessive firepower and high resistance to shocks are equipped with heavy machine guns and are deployed as the first line in battle. Have the opportunity to specialize as tanks taking skills that allow him to create shields or as a demolition gaining grenades and rocket launchers to strengthening them.
– Doctors: the support class for excellence is vital in any team to tackle any mission, whether PvE or PvP, treat and strengthen their allies and their surrounding areas can rely on melee attacks poisonous.
– Robotics class based on the use technological means to inflict massive amounts of damage and dedicated to the defense of the strategic points, can choose the branch of stationary turrets or drones, specializing in furniture more suitable for offensive sorties
– Reconnaissance, specialized in camouflage can become invisible for short periods of time by increasing their speed of movement and get behind the enemy, are essential in any team because they can easily take out enemy positions and doctors may choose to become axes in the sniper aim and enhancing distance shots or become deadly melee combatants.
Once you make your decision you will be trained for the first five levels through a quick tutorial that will explain in a summary way under the command of the game. After the tutorial we will be in an area common to all players but we will be completely disoriented as the information in our possession we were not prepared for anything to what we do now know the basics of fighting but we just rely on us themselves to try to learn how to get into a game mode rather than another or getting into the craft system. Fortunately for us to simplify our life there are terminals which we will mention, leaving lights on the floor of the arrows, the shortest way to reach the main attractions. The game world is small town but only for this town with some shops, the trainer for the skill, all the mail and auction house is more divided in several instances to avoid making too servers. Once oriented arrive finally time to take action, by pressing the “M” button opens a menu with all game options available.

PvE and PvP are two sides of same coin
Global Agenda is mainly divided into two branches, the first is to PvE and will involve teams of four to six players with the task of completing the proposed missions. These are nothing more than mere battles against AI controlled androids to enable a player to accumulate money and experience to advance level, killing enemies in this mode you can also get several technological pieces which enhance weapons and armor available to us . To do so, once gathered all the necessary materials, we get hold of the recipes calls for assembling blueprints that will allow us to assemble the pieces and make upgrades to include in our equipment, this will be the only way to improve it as armor and helmets purchased in stores have a purely aesthetic value. The missions available are divided according to difficulty and the level where you can complete, but unfortunately get tired pretty quickly since they require simply to destroy all that stands before us to reach the end level boss. The AI is also not developed properly and if not for the large amount of damage they can do the mob at high levels would not require any kind of tactic to be completed, also also suffer the problem of linearity in fact there will be required to go from point A to point B of the map without ever introducing anything that might represent a variation from the usual routine bringing players to quickly get tired of PvE, and appear as the second branch, what is the real point strength of the game or the multiplayer battles.
From the same menu of PvE missions will be possible to queue solo or with a group of friends fighting for PvP: here we choose to make ourselves available for the first vacancy of any terms or choose to play a specific . The types of game does not introduce anything new but they are simply reproduces key in on all those futuristic FPS of last generation, except in the deathmatch that strangely did not make it here. You can then choose whether to play in the payload that is nothing more than the stock truck made famous by Team Fortress II, or battles for the capture of strategic points around the level, trying not to bring opponents or trying to win them over before their , entering one of these games you will be randomly assigned to the defenders or attackers and because the matches are dry when you call into battle tail might need to be chosen again as a defender or attacker for several times consecutively. Leaving aside for a moment that these drawbacks can be corrected in the future with the release of new maps and how we look in detail at the heart of the fighting, each class has a specific role as explained early in every game and the coordination between team members will be essential to complete the victory, to help in the task of voice chat has been included by default in the game. The basic equipment of each class provide a jetpack that allows you to make long jumps and a reserve energy is used for ammunition for the special skills that will recharge itself over time, this makes it almost impossible to remain exposed for long periods of time at shooting ‘go crazy while allowing a much more tactical than usual. By completing both campaigns PvE PvP battles that will get money and experience that will help increase your level whenever climb grade will be rewarded with skill points to specialize your character in the three classes available to every class, this is translates into a good variety of fighting styles. The weapons that unlock also unlikely to cause more damage than the previous ones but have more of a use other than this will allow even those who are beginners to confront opponents of a higher level course, although the latter was my advantage while leaving the fighting balanced.

What is included and what is not
Everything we have talked so far is included in the purchase price of the box base and you can play without any kind of impediment whenever you feel like it, however Global Agenda requires a monthly fee for access to the battles for control the planet. If until now a casual player could enjoy the game the situation changes significantly if we consider the battles between agencies, the Conquest mode as it first may be played only if you belong to one of these guilds’ s and the time commitment required to be considered are significant given that typically require constant defense and assaults against other alliances of players. The game world is divided into hundreds of hexagons and each represents a conquered territory, once obtained can be built on these factories, mines or laboratories all useful elements to create weapons much more powerful than we are used to deal with skirmishes in 10 players, it will be possible once collected the materials needed to create vehicles or robots armed to the teeth to defeat the enemy’s defenses. The strategic element of this mode is very strong and before you can conquer enemy base will be asked to take possession of the hexagons adjacent to it fighting all the battles necessary to free enemy occupation.

A future simplistic
The technical side of Global Agenda certainly does not scream to the miracle, graphically set back from the last games released for PC has linear maps and details of construction spoils, polygonal models of the characters are treated as different types of armor purchased in stores. The decision to use the camera in third person is apt to a game like this but sometimes switch to zoom viewfinder cause some problems with movement, especially during clashes busiest non-presence of hitbox also translates into a shootout with target bigger reward in any way without aim and accuracy of the player leaving all the trouble to pull the trigger when the crosshair turns red. You could also do more for the voiceovers that are boring and repetitive after the umpteenth time you close a dialog box during the sale of some object it right, but the music that load the player before the start of the clashes As for weakening the tone of explosion increases.

Recommended system requirements
OS: Windows XP SP2 +, Windows Vista SP1 +
Processor: 2.4 + GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM (3GB RAM required for Vista / Windows 7)
Video Card: 256 MB video RAM or better with Shader Model 3.0 + (GeForce 8 series or better / Radeon HD3000 Series or better)
DirectX ®: DirectX 9 +
Hard Drive: 15 GB of free disk space

Final Remarks
Global Agenda trying to do some ‘everything but can not do anything so sublime, PvE missions become monotonous after a few games while fighting in PvP arenas do not bring any real innovation. The jetpack that could be a good addition to a game already known is underdeveloped and never feels the necessity of having to use during combat as affect the use of weapons. The interface is simple and the menus are completely devoid of useful information, leaving the player will be dropped after a quick tutorial just understand what to do without giving him the slightest help. Interesting but the Conquest mode that will not attract those who enjoy their battles in miniature arenas and even manages to intrigue some of Eve Online player who wants to try a new genre, always allowed to get past the hurdle of monthly fee. We reiterate that Global Agenda is a MMORPG but it is a pure FPS with some RPG elements in the creation and development of character, we would have liked to see some more innovation and a bit ‘more variety in game modes, although we think that these things will be added with future patches. If the title has generated interest you and you would like to try is the best time until the end of March because until then we will all be completely free Conquest mode.



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