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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Rising May 27, 2010

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About a year ago was published in Dawn of War 2 strategy game in real time based on violent futuristic universe of Warhammer 40,000. Given the success of sales achieved by the title, Relic Entertainment is proposing its first expansion that brings a new playable race in multiplayer, the rest of the story told in the singleplayer campaign and slight modifications to the system of play.

Nothing can hide the fury of the Emperor
We had left our team of space marines struggling with an infestation of Tyranids, from which we emerged as winners on the planet Aurelia. After one year, however, a new enemy looms over the industry and malevolent energies that are unleashed by the warp do not bode well. At the beginning of the adventure we can import characters from an existing campaign or alternatively start playing with a battalion equipped with the required level 18 to pass the first stage of the game, during the first two missions, in addition, there will be offered the opportunities for new talent points. In addition to the six units we carry the original title, continuing the story will add to our team a marine librarian with powerful psionic abilities can overwhelm entire host of enemies and heal allies. However, this hero is not the only new features, it introduces a new feature in the screen play of characters called corruption. Throughout the campaign, the forces of chaos try to corrupt the minds of our soldiers trying to get them to the other side of the fence and will stand to us to decide whether to follow the emperor making pure and righteous acts or fall into temptation equipping paraphernalia soaked demonic powers and ignoring the secondary objectives that we will be gradually offered during any missions. The level of corruption so obtained will affect both our powers, unlocking new units for each, and the plot, going to improve over the linearity of the missions that weakens a bit ‘gaming experience in the original Dawn of War 2. The gameplay remains virtually unchanged, however, we can decide which teams lead in battle of the seven available to us even if the game to force us to choose one in particular unless you want to go see his level of corruption, which could even lead to mutiny. After each encounter with the points accumulated experience we can enhance the features of our soldiers in mind that the cap was raised to level 30, which translates into twenty additional feature points capable of making our sea of real machines war. The fighting and the covers have not undergone any change and reappear as such for past as well as the difficulty level remained unchanged, requiring players to play the most demanding mode Primarch to find a suitable challenge.
The more than ten hours needed to complete the singleplayer campaign, divided by a score of missions, all players will leave satisfied that you will be challenged to create, thanks to the characteristics of corruption, the possibility of providing alternative endings so ‘also a good replayability. Have also been added, compared to the usual missions of extermination and defending control points, including time and escort missions that bring a little ‘variety than the previous year, all similar and that is simply reduced to forward until the end level bosses to kill him.

Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow might be dead
With this expansion the part online is definitely one that has benefited more in terms of new features, primarily thanks to the arrival of chaos as a playable race in multiplayer matches.
True antithesis of the Space Marine warriors devoted to these dark arts will rely demons of Nurgle and Khorne to overwhelm the enemy in battle, along with the other factions also have their main three heroes to choose from: the leader of chaos warrior who specializes in melee, the sample of the plague that draws strength from the foul demons to heal friendly units nearby and render ineffective bullets opponents, and the wizard of chaos, with powerful spells to attack and capable of generating towers with which treat their own troops. To counter the arrival of the demons in all other races have been assigned new units, one for Space Marines, Orks and Eldar, and two for the voracious Tyranids. As was the case with its predecessor, however, even in Chaos Rising multiplayer games seem to belong to a different product but the same high quality. The small-scale battles and management-style RPG’s main campaign give way to the classics of RTS where resource management and the creation of an army which swarms. The expansion brings with it seven new maps and three new modes, although the only one still remains valid for ranked matches that of the control points. Playing the games will be customized so you can try in a frantic fun as six players to battle all against all or divided into three teams of two, with the aim to accumulate 1000 points before the other, or you can choose to play with the annihilation that will come out the winner only after all other contenders have been eliminated from the map. As a last option for multiplayer was added via a free patch the last resistance option play in which three lonely heroes must try to survive as long as possible to twenty increasingly difficult waves of enemies and to survive until the end. In this mode, already present in other types of games, you can choose your sample of the five available (one for each race) and it will level up with more powerful equipment and skills making each element perfectly diversified and unique compared to other .

Swear allegiance to the dark
Relic Entertainment in association with the publication of this title, has released a patch on the game server that provides free to all holders of Dawn of War 2 many of the content in this expansion to balance the multiplayer matches. For this reason it seems a must clearly describe what you have more purchasing this product.
Throughout the entire single player campaign is to preserve all of the holders of Rising Chaos faction as well as the use of chaos in online games. All extra units for the old factions, the additional modes and new maps can be used but also from those without the expansion. Although the ultimate strength will be enjoyed by all players, which will, however, the choice of heroes available limited to that of the first three races old, unlike those who have taken the new title will also be used as the wizard of chaos and the tyrant of ‘hive.

Minimum requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1
Processor: 3.2 GHz P4 (single core) or any Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP), 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
Graphics Card: 128MB Video Card (Shader Model 3) – Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT / ATI X1600 or equivalent
Hard Drive: 5.5 GB

Recommended requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1
Processor: AMD Athlon 64X2 4400 + or whatever Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM (XP and Vista)
Graphics Card: 256MB Video Card (Shader Model 3) – Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900 or equivalent
Hard Drive: 5.5 GB

Final Remarks
Relic offers the most classical expansions. A new playable race along with a multiplayer mode for-all, 20 new missions for single player campaign with a new unit and two new heroes and new skills available for the last stand mode. A product that can not fail to fans of Dawn of War 2 and even those who liked the original game since being added all the essentials without undercutting so shocking to affect the gameplay. The multiplayer is balanced to perfection thanks to the introduction of new units for free to all. Would we have liked a couple of additional maps for the ultimate strength and some movie in computer graphics seen in the high quality of the initial video. Rising Chaos is therefore a high quality product with potential expansions for each race and still missing from the technical content made even brighter by the new ultra settings included with the latest patches.



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