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Superstars V8 Next Challenge May 30, 2010

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Milestone, the great little Italian company in the world of video games. Known for its excellent racing games on personal computers (the more experienced will remember the legendary Screamer 2, year of grace 1996), the software house of ours in recent years has begun to churn out its products featured in various console formats, ranging from Xbox 360 and PS3 until you get to PSP. So, having vented from the dreams of gamers with the centaur SBK series, Milestone attempt to compete in the Racing genre of simulation, publishing console also V8 Superstars Series: based on official license provided by the homonymous circus on wheels The very Italian Superstars Championship, a sort of variant of the famous championship class coaches. The competition is exceptionally fierce (Forza Motorsport 3 and the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 in particular), can the engines developed for this V8 Superstars Next Challenge of our local software houses do not stay with the wet dust?

Italian Pride
As mentioned earlier, V8 Superstars Next Challenge we are dealing with the fascinating world of Gran Turismo, or that category of motor racing in which instead of a dream car or supercar you can admire the outrageous price of the simplest (but also expensive) is suitably modified sedans under the mechanical aspect, both that of the livery. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Maserati, these are some names of car manufacturers in the different teams will battle during the whole championship Superstars and the steering wheel which we find, in addition to nearly unknown field of riders, some old glory Formula One (Gianni Morbidelli) or former athletes with high speed ball as the former downhill champion Christian Ghedina. The battleground will be that of ten famous racetracks, including stand Imola, Monza and Mugello. Speaking purely playful side instead of the product, V8 Superstars is the classic title-oriented side of simulation racing game, but without going into detail level (and frustration) of complex simulators on PCs. The road taken by Milestone is therefore that the game can satisfy a bit ‘all the players through a series of parameters (such as ABS, electronic traction and braking) to make more or less realistic driving model our fireball. The natural turn to the simulation branch of the game but it is easily derived from all the different adjustments can be developed in the garage of the team: suspensions, inclination of the wings, even the possibility to compare the performance of the means by telemetry. The general feeling was, however, to be confronted with the classic hybrid drive system, fortunately easy apprehension and very fluid. The handling of the media has not in fact never proved frustrating due to a more prompt and accurate response to our requests, but did not prove very rewarding in terms of spectacular maneuvers.

Space to Supercampione!
In these circumstances, there was amazed to see how the canonical once penetrated deep into the menu of the game: fast race, race weekend, league superstars and licenses for the single player of this V8 Superstars. Starting with that voice starting to surface flaws and shortcomings of the first title Milestone fact, unlike many other driving games in V8 Superstars licenses will be useful only to become familiar with the guidance system, without therefore serve as a key to open or how many championships related to their degree of experience gained in the various tests (the only bonus you get will only be two paths initially blocked), so in fact our efforts. Even going to the championship, theoretically true heart of the title, the impressions received by the first approach to the game are not changed: V8 Superstars fact gave us the idea of a game “born old,” a title that reflects rather faithfully to the canons of racing simulation / arcade game seen years ago, as the beautiful Toca Touring Car Racing, Codemasters. The lack of variety, desire to improve and extra rewarding after winning a race or a championship are therefore the main flaw of the game, in which just an afternoon game to see virtually everything, virtually eliminating the replay value of the title. No innovative or even interesting in the product key online, with multiplayer for up to 16 players and the chance to try out single race or championship, only to be a mere filling without shame or particular praise.

Steaming plates
The situation unfortunately is not even lifts technical aspects of V8 Superstars Next Challenge. Graphically, the game manages to achieve a Milestone-fetched enough to look through all things clean and orderly, in which discrete livery car stand out above the general paucity of tracks, accomplice the unjustified absence of a number of elements boundary, will eventually resemble each other, making it dull and repetitive play sessions. Decidedly understated is the realization of the various visible through the cockpit view from inside, and the effects of deformation and progressive deterioration of the body, on which we see only a slight accumulation of dust and a windscreen cracked and ugly undertone but the particle effects (including include the implementation of mild cloud of water caused by passing cars in the wet), but no problem in terms of frame rate, which settles on 30 frames per second without suffering drops or shots. Gossamer the audio industry, if during the presentation and listen to some songs in-game menus rock / metal rather catchy, once you get off the track we “delight” our ears only with the various effects of race like the roar of the engine (more like to a buzz that much) or the screech of tires to a stop risky.

Final Remarks
Next V8 Superstars Challenge is unfortunately a disappointing game from different points of view. Milestone avendoci even made a tangible effort failed in order to propose a competitive product on the market including console, end up being literally crushed by the other sacred cows present on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With a technical and passable gameplay altogether acceptable V8 Superstars Next Challenge sins like its predecessor from the standpoint of the variety and inventiveness, suggesting a stunted career mode and very few varieties from the point of view is that the trail types of competition, these legacies of that type of racing game in vogue a decade ago.



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