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King’s Bounty: Armored Princess June 8, 2010

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Once upon a time long ago, a game series called Heroes of Might and Magic. The player could choose between several of the fantasy genre stereotypes and concentrate for hours and hours creating a huge army theme. There were the forces of chaos, elves, orcs, dwarves, humans and many other creatures ready to do battle on a beautiful hexagonal grid cells, all waiting patiently for their turn.
After several games of the series, rather similar, the particular category of fantasy turn-based strategy can no longer innovate and seemed destined to end in oblivion. At least until a team of programmers in Russia, Katauri Interactive has decided to recover and reshape the genre to include elements of traditional role-playing games.
The first title from baked Katauri, King’s Bounty: The Legend, has proved a success with critics and public, as to lead to the development of a sequel, King’s Bounty: Armored Princess. Our heroes are able to repeat the success of its predecessor or continue on this street lined with hexagonal tiles was a mistake?

I have an armor, a sword and a miniskirt. Come on!
Armored in the coveted role of Princess Amelie, Princess of Endor and favorite pupil of Bill Gilbert, the protagonist of the Legend. The kingdom of the beautiful aristocrat is under attack by a giant Archfiend and the only way to save is to find the stalwart Bill, lost in the magical world of Teana.
Perhaps the plot will seem full of originality. You are absolutely right. Except you are not hardcore fans of anything have a fantasy, the story of Armored Princes not involve much. It is only there to justify the formation of a large army and hundreds of battles ahead.
It must be said however that Katauri has committed much more to investigate and characterize the game world compared to the first chapter. Teana has many islands to visit and even more characters and missions, all featuring tons of dialogue to read. Probably the most players give little importance to the narrative and focus on the battles, but the effort of the developers to make their world is more alive and appreciated throughout the game there funny dialogues and interesting events.

“Ok, now move my knights of 6 boxes. Your turn” “We could not make a game of cards?”
If you are veterans of Might and Magic, you will find yourself at ease with Armored Princess. The main difference between the two games lies in the choice of a single protagonist and a character growth system similar to that of the common RPG. When the game you can choose between three different classes: warrior, mage and paladin. Skills are divided into three categories of talent and need to be unlocked runes, obtainable level rising or simply found on the map. The choice of the class affects the number of runes of a certain type that Amelie gains per level, the amount of troops that can monitor and the color of our heroine.
The basic gameplay has not changed. The princess, armed with armor (little) and stubbornness (that much), wanders Teana mounted his horse and can buy soldiers and creatures in buildings scattered across the territory. The meetings with the opposing armies are not random. The enemies of varying difficulty, roam the islands and can be addressed or avoided with a little ‘ability to maneuver.
Thanks to a greater care in planning the game, now around opponents is simpler than the Legend. Amelie it locks almost never in the elements of the landscape, which Sir Gilbert happened all too often.
Another interesting addition are the trophies. Normally there are just targets which will increase the longevity of the game for lovers of challenges, but in this case completely allow us to obtain attractive bonus permanent.
Once started a fight armies are deployed on the typical hexagonal grid cells, ready to do battle. The variety of available troops is one of the strengths of the title, each unit has specific skills and there is a great way to build your army, although certain powers are particularly useful to facilitate the progression from its most formidable.
The difficulty of the game, in fact, is quite high. The Legend was very demanding, and almost frustrating at times, though we hope that his followers would solve this problem, you will find yourself in a fit of fury in no time at all. The adventure of the Princess is in no way easier than the original, even some bosses and enemies are even worse. If you do not like playing hard faced Armored Princess difficulty easy, select that option is no shame in this game.
Fortunately, the protagonist from her a couple of aces up its sleeve that facilitate not just the battles if used sensibly: the magic and the baby dragon. Amelie at the beginning of the adventure is entrusted with a dragon capable of inflicting great damage on opponents or building block walls. Besides the curious puppy winged, the protagonist can use different spells, which are also affordable as the troops or simply traced the form of scrolls on the map. Use magic dragon and efficiently is often crucial to winning a battle with the fewest possible losses, extremely important to advance in the campaign.
The reasoning is simple, the troops on sale in different continents are limited. Only a few buildings, which also found only towards the end of adventure, have powerful troops in unlimited number. If you lose too much money for a certain type, cover your vendor confidence may end at which point you would have to change the structure of your army with another type of deployment (at least until you find another vendor as provided). This acquisition system of troops brings the player to carefully calculate every single move during battles, but also a weak point in the game. You have to constantly go on islands previously visited, just to replenish a particular type of unit. The process is very tedious, especially when considering the need to avoid the considerable number of enemies your level much higher than running around the maps.
The problem of trading troops fades considerably when Amelie comes into possession of a winged horse that facilitates the exploration of the islands, but still lost a lot of time to wander in search of the shop just mercenaries.

No matter how many polygons are composed. A Archfiend always her beautiful figure
Armored Princess is not it nice to see more strategic in recent years. The graphics engine is a bit ‘is dated and difficult to impress someone. This does not mean that his work is good: everything moves very smoothly and locations of the islands are extremely varied, imaginative and colorful. Even models of the troops, while not super detailed, they are well characterized. Dragons and armored units in particular.
Even the sound stood in the middle. The sound effects are not of great quality and the dialogues are not spoken, but the melodies in the background of various islands are very evocative.

-Processor 2.6 GHz
-Video card: 128 MB – Nvidia GeForce 6600GT or equivalent ATI
-1 GB of memory
-Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista

Final Remarks
Armored Princess is not a game suitable for everyone. The nostalgia of Might and Magic strategy lovers will appreciate the complexity of the game and the high difficulty of the fighting. More casual players might hate it. The game is cheap and offers a lengthy single player campaign lasts about 30 hours. If the first category do not miss it and, while you’re, Legend also recovered. It is worth it.



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