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Wings of Prey 2010 PC Game June 22, 2010

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After the success of HD console, the guys throw themselves at Gaijin Entertainment PC market more and more inflated, with the flight simulator Wings of Prey, which turns out to be nothing less than a sleek and improved version of the excellent THE -2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. Recall that Wings of Prey is already available in digital delivery platform, Steam and YUplay, since January, but was released recently, only British territory, even in retail version. Strengthened by this second issue, we wanted to test first hand this interesting product, which is midway between a title and an arcade flight simulator “pure”.

In the skies of World War II
There are historical periods, despite being replicated systematically and not always memorable, never cease to convey strong emotions. The Second World War and its battles in the heavens are one of the most accurate background to accompany a flight simulator. Role of a pilot of the allied forces, the player must try to stop Germany’s Third Reich, which led him to retrace historic memorable moments, enhanced by evocative video documentaries of the time. But all these good intentions are to come up with the nature of the gameplay, which is particularly suited to achieve a smooth and intriguing plot narrative, relaying the story to a secondary role and merely filler. The twenty-mission campaign, however, represent only part of what the wide range of recreational Wings of Prey offers. Besides a very complete and very useful tutorial, there are a training mode, where training to fly without shooting targets to play the largest set of single and multiplayer missions. The latter proposes four types of game rather classic, ranging from simple-all and team deathmatch, situations like a slightly more articulate like capture the flag where the flag is the airfield, and a final consisting in ‘elimination of certain targets on land or air. Unfortunately, the audience has been small in numbers, but in return the service has worked without problems or lag.

A simulator for all
The gameplay can optimally in order to satisfy all types of gamers: enhancing the casual nod to veteran flight simulation hard and well. This is due to chance, already introduced by Birds of Prey, to choose three distinct types of barriers: arcade, realistic simulation. How easy to understand, the arcade mode will allow anyone with ability to tame the half wheel after a few minutes of practice without major problems. The game will prove, in fact, a kind of flight shooters, which completely lack the more technical variations, usually present in pure flight simulators, which make the simple control of the vehicle, as well as gratifying, even an ‘important component additional challenge. Unlike the other two styles of play, particularly simulation, which through the inclusion of more technical parameters, such as deadlock and wind, making the task of taming a plane more difficult. Besides this fails the whole game interface that makes it so the task of detection and avoidance of enemies far more complex. While playing in arcade mode is damn fun and all the other, experiment in the simulative version of Wings of Prey could give quite a tough and make some purists happy like that. Unfortunately, the achieved level simulation is still rather young and not very precise, especially compared to what has been done by other colleagues, we feel strongly the lack of force feedback in the joystick, and even some inaccuracies or gaps in controls. One must remember that players must bring a joystick if you want to enjoy the game system of Wings of Prey, as the combination mouse / keyboard or pads are provided and very little risk of causing no little frustration even make maneuvers easier.

On the Wings of stability
Wings of Prey brings the graphics already seen in Birds of Prey to a level even higher. Polygonal models of over 40 aircraft, all reproduced faithfully, are by far the highlight of the technical sector, while the bottoms were recreated in a credible and always fairly detailed, though flying at low altitude, shows a certain repeatability of the models used . The graphics depicting clouds and fog return a likely effect, sin, however, for coarse particle effects of fire and smoke, making the explosions just spectacular and least appreciated of the rest. Add to this stability of the graphics engine, which manages all gaming machines without requiring special or recent offering performance, maintaining a constant frame rate even more excited during the game. The audio industry is characterized by an excellent sampling of diamonds and effects, which are accompanied by appreciable military background music.

Intel Core Duo / AMD X2 +3800 Ahtlon
Video Card: ATI Radeon 1800 512MB / GeForce 8400 512MB
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Hard Disk: 6 GB
Configuration Test
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.40 GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Final Remarks
With its hybrid gameplay basically, Wings of Prey manages to bring a kind of niche as that of flight simulators for everyone. That’s thanks to the opportunity to test the air battles in three different modes, including arcade and realistic simulation. ‘S contention failed to fully convince as a result of a realization less precise than other simulators purest mold, but it turns out otherwise sufficiently realistic and satisfying. Fun to embellish the product we think a really good technical implementation, which also allow the computer to give more vintage men idyllic spots on the wings of polygonal models made to perfection and faithfully reproduced. Definitely recommended to all lovers of flight simulators as well as those approaching for the first time this kind and will not sacrifice too many hours of practice to master this aircraft a mammoth military WWII.


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