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Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West (PC) June 17, 2010

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Lead on your heads and gold in your pockets. This two words could be the summary of Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, a new third-person shooter weblog Fatshark and distributed only in digital form that goes back to the dynamics already seen in titles like Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike but contextualised in an environment largely unexplored and highly appealing as the Wild West.

Four classes Possoni enough for me?
If you need to seek some new relief certainly you can not find the variety of classes available to us, because when entering a game we can choose between a small number only four elements. The Trapper is a classic shot: excellent long distance can easily kill with a shot on target of his rifle bison any other class but in close combat can only rely on the gun and traps by bears useful to paralyze the enemy for a while. The bomb has a considerable strength and a deadly effect in close combat, a short-barreled shotgun that can wipe out multiple enemies with a few shots and dynamite to deal with many more groups. Suffers terribly open spaces but luckily for him the maps of the game, being very different, offering different points where deadly ambush the enemy. The gunmen and another class and is skilled in close combat that can generate the largest volume of lead from wheel route against opponents, a special ability allows him to fire in bursts downloading completely shippers to get rid of his guns quickly other players without being too concerned about accuracy. The last class that we have available is that of deputy sheriff: skillful in clashes on the average length has supplied the gun with more bullets at all, a rifle recovered from ten strokes leading the field before death and to understand who where he shot. An interesting addition made by programmers is the ability for all classes of constant aura that will affect some aspects of their comrades adjacent enticing way to have a good variety between the band and a great team effort. The trapper will have such an aura useful in increasing the critical one deputy sheriff to increase the damage, the gunman that for precision bombing, and finally ensure a bonus all’armatura. Apart from gold teamwork is encouraged by the possibility for anyone to be able to raise a severely wounded comrade, shortly before his death in fact being locked down and you can still shoot the gun order hoping someone comes to your rescue.

New game old ways
Albeit with some differences caused by the environment the available modes are practically the same as those to which we have used various Battlefield and Team Fortress. Two opposing teams of five players one o’clock will therefore address in six different game types: Shooting, the classic Team Deathmatch where you have to score the highest number of killings, robbery, a team must steal a few bags of gold hidden n buildings and the opposing team must prevent this, Greed, like robbery, but here both sides will try to bring the sacks of gold in their starting point and simultaneously ensure that the other team can view. Conquest mode developed around the management of control points will reward the team that has managed to maintain for as long as possible possession of certain strategic places and finally the Barrel, where we encounter the task of blowing some buildings before time limit win the game. As under a singleplayer campaign will have the opportunity to refine our technique through the Gold Rush, which will require multiple players to cooperate to save the bags full of money had and defend against waves of enemies controlled by artificial intelligence that on fleeing. Again in all these ways encourages the team play as during transport of barrels of dynamite or bags of gold you will not either run or shoot and then we rely on our partners to make us save Pellacchia. E ‘but you can leave the bag in a hurry, get rid of an opponent and take the spoils but in most cases before being able to extract the weapon we have already killed the enemy. Respawn points for death have set in the map, but a team member will collect a special flag that will promote to captain and will be used as a mobile spawn point. This element introduces a more reasonable level of strategy as it allows the team organized to hide their leader in strategic places and continue to pounce upon the enemy repeatedly.

I go, I go back and kill her.
The interface is clean before you present and immediate, in the lower right will be the type of weapon equipped and how much ammunition we have in the charger while on the opposite side we find our health and our teammates. On the bottom of the screen at the center will present an overview diagram of the control points in our possession, while the top upgrades we are receiving from friends and how many dollars we have earned the killings are our score. Setting the third-person view is at the center of the screen always a round viewfinder to indicate the focus area that can be enlarged significantly by simply pressing the right mouse button and that will allow us to shoot with absolute precision even over long distances. The movements are controlled by the usual combination of keys W, A, S, D and the sprint will be assigned to the shift key. Shame about the lack of ability to bend that makes it effectively unusable most of shelters medium / low forcing the player to look for unlikely covers around columns and fences.

Infinite ammunition but little to destroy
Graphics Lead and Gold is clean and attractive. The graphics engine used is the same as Bionic Commando and performs its task in an exemplary, have been rare cases of slowing down and there are characters and settings seemed perfectly blended together. With the ability to have unlimited ammo but would have preferred to have even greater destructibility of the surrounding environment instead merely some explosion managed by scripted events such as barrels of dynamite. The animations are good and every time your character jumps from a great height you will see him perform in spectacular somersaults classic western film. Well made that even the sound department will accompany us with traditional melodies to duel at noon for the duration of our games without making us feel the atmosphere of dust and weeds rolling classical era.

OS: XP / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Dual-core (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 5200 + 2.6 GHz)
Memory: 1.5GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2.0 GB
Video Card: DirectX compatible 9.0c/Shader3.0, 512 MB VRAM (GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900)
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0c

We are facing a good TPS, superior technical sector and certainly entertaining. Given the nature of digital products Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West shows to the public with a competitive price and quality at the same time a general rather than discrete, a factor that makes it appealing to all fans of the genre and also those who had wanted a game where you become good at presenting a short time and play sessions relatively short but intense. Although only four classes to choose from, variety is guaranteed by the six modes and teamwork promoted by the gold that each character can unleash. The appeal of old westerns, also certainly helps that the title without it would probably labeled as a mere clone of Team Fortress 2 but that this can carve out a niche in the world of his shooter.