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PC Game developers: art directors February 14, 2010

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Art is only a small part of his task
Listening to “art director”, the first thing they could think of is someone who ensures that images and sound are pretty nice (or terrifying, if applicable). However, the duty of these geniuses goes far beyond his vision of the pc game is perhaps one of the most important since the outset it should be clear how it will be, thus creating for all the little details that can grow from a small dream into a multimillion-dollar idea.

While his talent is essential, function as a kind of catalyst which all staff ideas converge and become consistent within the same line of thought from this work with a common goal, giving clear identity to how see the pc game when it’s finished.

That does not mean they do not use their own talent, a good art director knows how to take the idea of how to use a texture or something and develop it through their creativity, possibly one of the fundamental qualities that must have these artists. With this combination of activities is possible to exploit every little detail and turn it into something wonderful and impressive.

Even when it seems they are living in a golden age where they are considered geniuses of the industry, there are people who disagree, like Moby Francke, art director of Team Fortress 2, who once expressed dissatisfaction with the monotony in which 2010 PC games are falling and the lack of creativity to use as many factors: “I think PC games are in their infancy in terms of art style, we are dealing with 4,000 years, seriously, conceptual art and design, are not used and the industry falls into a genre where he has been since the 1980s to date, is all taken. ” That speaks of the untapped potential that is responsible, nothing more and nothing less than art directors.

Once the image is clear, must be forwarded to all staff, from the production team to the management and advertisers, who can find ways to exploit that image and make it even more attractive to the public. So the minds of these people must have a clear conception of the final product, because otherwise the rest of the team would work on details or features that appear at the end pieces of different pc games.