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Runaway: A Twist of Fate April 25, 2010

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Earlier this month we told you about Runaway: A twist of fate, the new adventure game Pendulum Studios. Information on beta could Vandal headway has now been completed with the arrival of the full version, fully translated into Castilian.

A twist of fate, the third in the series Runaway, arrives with the same energy than did their predecessors, and after the study regained the rights to the game after some problems with the company that needed to be distributed throughout Europe. The mainland market is achieved adventure game lost a Spanish bill that certainly would have liked, much to the fans of the genre.

In terms of history there is no objection, as we shall see much has been done in this regard and something happens for any situation and provides solutions to many puzzles of the past but it raises a much bigger than himself to touch and Brian and Gina the story line will take us from a cemetery and its mysterious inhabitants of a madhouse through a forest and some problems with the police.

Despite having two players clear, Pendulum Great care has been the presence of the “supporting cast” that weigh heavily in the development of the whole adventure without which it will be impossible to move through the various puzzles that we must solve.

The graphic theme is another factor to consider. The exercise to see previous designs and sketches of each character and scene in pencil on the web presentation and then enjoy the game, it should make all players to see the evolution that they have suffered. With drawing “comic” by flag, Runaway will try to like the format characteristic of the classic adventure games.

It is too early to compare Runaway with other games of the same features but has very good manners and be approachable even for uninitiated players in these games you will find in the help system to their great ally.
A history of comics

As mentioned, the common thread of Runaway has not been abandoned to their fate. The studio has worked on this not only in an effort to solve old mysteries but in order that A Twist of Fate can be played without having seen their predecessors. What is likely is that after playing this part, the player has the mystery of knowing what had happened before to reach this point.

The life of Brian Basco has never been easy, and certainly the situation that is – we will discover in the early stages of the game – is one of the most difficult periods in its history. To exit this will have the invaluable assistance of Gina Timmins. In addition to controlling the girl in many phases of the game – in which we will change character depending on the scene – we will see other facets of his game that some already knew but that will surprise many of the new. The statuesque girl changing clothes go from a tight green sweater Italian glasses accompanied by a more casual dress for detective work. Furthermore, as bonus track will enjoy a sensual dance dressed as denim which the Old West.

As for the army side could spend hours reviewing names and their role in the life of Brian and Gina. Among the most prominent we find Gabbo or Marcelo, two of the characters in the first instance will help the boy or Ernie, an “Elvis” biker in love with a carpenter. Among others we can also highlight Bennet, a psychiatrist who seem what it is and other colorful characters that we make life easier – or difficult – according to their alignment with the history of the game.

While new characters are some that meant a lot to the two previous games completely disappear without a trace. A reminiscence of the past we have through the help system in which Joshua, an old acquaintance of the fans, will help us at times we do not know where to take the next step.

Classic gameplay and very functional

The point and click system, the basics of classic adventure games, remains, many years later, which is better suited to this kind of games. In Runaway: A twist of fate we move around the stage on the basis of clicks. The interaction with each item we will make selecting the type of action – talking, take …- through our mouse right button.

The dock of the game type menu, accessible from the top of the screen will allow us to access the other commands available from the inventory to support system through the options and manager games. Finally we also find a section in which Click to highlight all elements that can interact on stage, which will be very useful to speed through each screen with disappointment that the hours of play greatly diminish. It is a double-edged sword that the player must watch as their easy accessibility often play against him.

The inventory system is also the classic, or the George Stobartt Treepwood Guybrush. Although Brian and Gina will not come to get into the pocket cleaner or a lice guns to defeat Sir Nottingam also show that the capacity of your bags is quite large. In addition to viewing the entire inventory grid format can also interact with the object that is larger to show us discover little details that we did not realize. Just as we cross to convert objects (and hence we can indeed see a wink, but a little forced) a radial and a wooden stick that could well serve to throw into the sea as did Murray cleaner combining with guns hook in The Curse of Monkey Island.

The movements on stage are, first, complete, meaning that the characters will have to make the whole journey down a road. From there the shortcuts are activated with a double click to move to a place we instantly. Occasionally we may also change the stage through an icon in the bottom right of the screen that will allow us to play two different characters at once in two places.

The dialogue between the characters has also been one of the strengths of A Twist of Fate. With black humor and jokes that characterized and Runaway, Pendulum Studios has continued along this road even changing some points that do not fit in the second part of the game crazy. Thus, it has worked in a much more serious story that focuses much more the thread and is not as chaotic as its predecessor.

In this case the dialogue is fluid and nearly 80,000 words that are getting the player put a few laughs for the humor that each follows. Sometimes there will be lines that do not lead anywhere in particular but will we know new secrets of the characters.

The graphics, one of the most care

As mentioned above, this aspect is one of the most prominent of the game. The combination of colorful settings as a cartoon, the detail of the characters contrast with the scenarios in two dimensions to which they do not lack detail.

Playing Runaway: A Twist of Fate is to enjoy one hundred percent care environment by their creators where designers have captured the essence of a game that is poised to be crowned in the title in the trilogy.

In many cases, the video clips of those who enjoy some mystery to solve, or start a new chapter, we will feel more in an animated series not a game and give a dynamic touch to the experience, which in this case shows much less difficult than in the previous game, where some puzzles were impossible to move the eye.

Overall, an adventure game that could well be a classic

The fans of the genre already have another game for play on today. On March 25 will be reminded to close this trilogy and improve by far previous releases of the game.

A Twist of Fate shows an entirely new game that does not lose the essence of the classic adventure at any time.

The argument runs between the thriller and the mood the same tone with round characters full of life and character. The personality of each is very strong and direct impact on the scene that we are playing at the time.

The graphics and music, worked especially in this third installment also deserve a full stop. Is appreciated that a title may change music and dialogues in addition it is fully dubbed into Castilian.

If all this we add the price of the issue and the possibility of obtaining the complete trilogy, the circle is closed in the best way. We will have to play for the small price of 19.95 euros for the individual game or the whole trilogy – a highly recommended option for those not familiar with the previous titles – about 35 euros.

Pendulum Studios has done its homework and A Twist of Fate becomes an homage to the adventure games of yesteryear, those classics that remain in the imagination of every true lover of pc games.

Medal of Honor 2010 PC Game February 10, 2010

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Those little details that make the “hype” Medal of Honor

Recently we announced our friend Carlos the development of a new Medal of Honor environment and not in the second war (as was “custom” of the franchise), this time the action takes place in a modern environment, will be a Medal of Honor ” modern “.

The hype started to make his own on this title, loose statements that make gamers, blogs, press turn their heads to see and if sometimes they are effective.

Thanks to the official magazine of Xbox 360 in the UK we have new details on this new Medal of Honor, which as discussed developers are counting on the help of real soldiers are trying to get as close as possible to reality in both the atmosphere as sound effects.

As for the game’s features will be revealed that night-vision goggles and can also shoot the light bulbs to allow our enemies to blind and take our advantage that we provide the spectacle revealed that several characters can be used for the game but did not specify what such a system, there will be infighting and the chance to stab the enemy in battle.

Apparently they have been motivated by the success of other games set in wars with weapons and topical themes such as we saw with Call of Duty 4 to make the leap that detachment and has remained there, at the top and say the new Modern Warfare 2, I think over the words.