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Spec Ops: The Line PC Game 2010 February 9, 2010

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Spectacular video interview with the creators of Ops Specs: The Line

The new title from 2K (which is not Bioshock 2), Spec Ops: The Line which was presented in 2009 with a VGA awards trailer which left many with their mouths open (add me please) an action game third person (TPS) which paints very well.

GameSpot has been video-interviewed the people behind this title and also the interview with an “extra” shows ingame footage of it and believe me ladies and gentlemen, it looks spectacular!, The title count on competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode but focusing more on the way history is a big bet but as they say “looks that are laying all the grilled meat.

After watching the video we make many comparisons, various degrees of stature but definitely Spec Ops: The Line has something that moves me inside, Let’s hope so for the sake of all gamers.

The title will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but does not yet have a departure date.

Natal Project PC Game 2010 February 8, 2010

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Natal Project confirmed by Christmas 2010, new service “Game Room”

The keynote that opened the CES 2010 with Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach has done, and little new has brought us. Even so, you better prepare your pockets this Christmas because the project will specifically Natal when Santa Claus back at it again (not far from the rumor), as Bach said at the conference.

Besides, we have confirmation of a new service: Game Room. Quickly might describe as a merger between the Virtual Console from Nintendo and PlayStation Home. A place where you can relive your memories with retro arcade games in a virtual space where you can challenge your friends. Each user can configure their space as you like with about 1,000 games to be launched in a period of three years. Unfortunately it is not free, there are two ways of payment:

* 240-400 Microsoft Points to buy the game.
* 40 Microsoft to play once, as if it were a real arcade.

It will be launched in spring this year for Xbox 360 and Windows also apparently. To finish understand you can see the following trailer:

Basically that was it, apart from a few sales data and general statistics:

* 39 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide
* More than 500 million sold
* Between Christmas and New Year, there were record with 2.2 million people simultaneously connected to Xbox Live, in addition to registering a new member every second.
* Nearly 10 million people have signed up to services that are not to play on Xbox Live, like Facebook and Twitter, among others.
* Xbox Live has more than 20 million active members.