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Mass Effect 2 PC Game March 31, 2010

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Bioware starts the year strong.

Electronic Arts invited us to test an advanced edition of Mass Effect 2 PC Game a few weeks ago in their offices, pity we could only enjoy it just an hour away, but long enough to discover what lies ahead. We all know what title made by BioWare is synonymous with quality and of course this could not be less. We also know that Mass was done by cash raised as a trilogy, the first loved us, this has left us speechless, we can not even imagine how it will end. First of all mention that we enjoyed the Xbox 360 version, although PC was also available and will be the same game, having said that we tell you a little more detail.

The story continues

Mass Effect 2 will leave a couple of years after the first delivery in 2185. At this time it seems that we got rid of the Reapers and Geth, but now a new threat to humans, Collectors. Suddenly, our ship is attacked Normandy, can not resist and is destroyed, this time saved some occupants, including us save the pilot. After the attack in the first place, Shepard, the protagonist is thrown into outer space and everyone is presumed dead. But thanks to the organization Cerberus will be rescued and rehabilitated.

Up to this point will be the start of play like few, in between reading more dialogues we can go further to not lose one iota of the story. After recovering from injuries to help this organization decided to investigate the disappearance of human colonies, as the new race Collectors seem to be the culprits.

Technical Section

One of the main points and important perhaps is the possibility of importing our saved game from the first delivery, to have the same character (including the decisions taken in history) and not have to be creating it from scratch or directly follow the thread argument. Even if we do not have or want, we will have an editor to create for us a completely new one, male or female, in addition to attribute your class: soldier, infiltrator, vanguard, sentinel, adept or engineer. Finally we shall select only one type of profile to give even more personality to our protagonist. Following the above, also indicate that this should not be an impediment if you’re first-time in the franchise since the early stages of the game will have a full tutorial to get hold of it quickly.

The title has been improved and refined on the basis that left the first delivery. As expected and already having spent time have had the opportunity to clean these impurities from the graphics engine (Unreal Engine 3.0) for display on this occasion from the beginning and at first sight more impressive. Also incorporated are a high number of new animations, both in character and in the other characters, including interactive sequences appear in many film sequences. All models, scenarios (these at first sight and extensive darker than before) and have also been revised physical, we have taken into account even the smallest detail.

Dragon Age: Origins March 25, 2010

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The origin of a new legend.

Erase the year 1998 when the role players we saw a big dream come true with the emergence of “Baldur’s Gate neonata produced by Bioware, who became a convert to game one of the best worlds ever created: the Realms Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten. His virtues, those who did different from the rest, were extremely careful universe, characters with a great personality and an epic story we travel to exotic places and discover how different is this reality that have drawn so many fantasy novels .

Over the years, the alliance being Bioware and Wizards of the Coast was strengthened and titles were published as a result of the stature of “Baldur’s Gate II” and “Neverwinter Nights” hits that preceded sales another great product known to PC gamers: “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” ( “KOTOR”) and that marked a break with the medieval fantasy game classic cut. With the emergence of the first Xbox, Microsoft pulled the stubs of his pocket to buy the exclusivity of “Jade Empire” that mixed action role, adapting to the aesthetic tastes and playable console users but despite the brilliance of same, failed to jell in the market.

Today we have a mature Bioware has learned much from their experience and know perfectly focused products to global markets to be addressed with high-quality two licenses: Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The release of Dragon Age Origins “(” DAO “from now on) is the logical step for a company that has created all sorts of adventures in universes. The return to the classic adventures of sword and sorcery was therefore the way forward, not only because users requested it aloud, but because the games industry overloaded took time without receiving a universe so vast and attractive as we presented by these geniuses of the role.

After extracting the maximum in their versions of PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 we have to desglosaros the details of which he is undoubtedly one of the best and deepest RPGs of this generation. Sharpen your weapons and spells to memorize because we started!.

Discovering a new world

The huge production work used to create the world of campaign welcomes this DAO has been played by experts in fantasy worlds that for years have cast their minds to give birth to a hybrid born of the legacy of the current literature and creativity more convoluted . The result has been “Theda”, a huge medieval world filled with castles, great plains, swamps, dark, mysterious caverns and secrets gory and brutal as you can imagine. In the live three primary races: humans, elves and dwarves, each with its own culture, political system, social class and other variables that define the basis of their lives.

Many know the physical characteristics peculiar to these three original creations of JRR Tolkien, in which case you will know the basics of that now concerns us, since the context that surrounds them is completely different from the developed by the author of Lord of the Rings. Humans are the most numerous people and dominate virtually all the land while the elves, stripped of their immortality and innate talent for magic, they have become servants of humans or tribes living in exile in the thickness of the forests.

Finally, the dwarfs outside the problems of maintaining a tough exterior caste system in which cements its politics and society without leaving anything or anyone to disturb them. The way to see the magic also has surprised us, since the “gift” of those who can use it as a property is attracting almost cursed the demons from a parallel dimension called the “Velo”. To control this power exists Circle of magicians, live and learn where all its members in a huge tower university, under the watchful eye of the Order of Knights Templar.