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The PC market stronger than it seems March 17, 2010

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Sega: “The PC market stronger than it seems
Steadily declining sales “boxes” are not representative of the PC game market.

The Japanese publisher is not the only one to say, but the ranks of these companies protesters are becoming increasingly available. In the microwave CVD and through its Director General British – John Clark – Sega is back on the supposed decline of the video game market PCs that recent studies have estimated at 26% a year.

According to John Clark and many others before him like Valve’s Gabe Newell and Brad Wardell of Stardock, the studies in question focus on the wrong one market sales “boxes”. At Columbia, the Chart-Track GfK does not take into account sales that materialized, according to John Clark, now represent a “viable sector. The boss of Sega UK estimates that “the PC market is generally much stronger than implied by these studies.

Mr. Clark believes he is “still a vital sector in which we must be involved.” This is fair enough, the guy took the opportunity to remember that Sega is indeed particularly in view of dematerialized securities with strong and varied as Napoleon: Total War, Football Manager 2010 and Aliens Vs Predator. In 2010, the publisher and hold nearly 13% share of PC market thanks to the game’s release from Rebellion.

THQ is preparing a PC version of Darksiders for June March 6, 2010

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THQ is preparing a PC version of Darksiders for June

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and now PC: Darksiders, THQ continues his career quietly.

Through a press release in good and due form, THQ just let us know he had to adjust its Darksiders our PCs. Recall that the action game Vigil Games was released in the beginning of the year on PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 and it had won a great success.

Although no firm date has been advanced, THQ said that adapting PC arrives in the month of June. David Adams of Vigil Games shows course it is “very excited to offer Darksiders PC gamers” and used it to add that key features such as the use of high resolutions or couple keyboard / mouse obviously at the heart of the attention of developers.

We do not know more yet, but certainly the first screenshots of this port will soon point the tip of their nose.